Sola Aoi Sets Sail in Latest "Henkei Shoujo" Anime Short

Tongue-in-cheek series of Youtube animations by DLE Entertainment features schoolgirls transforming into machines


The 4th installment of Henkei Shoujo ("Transformation Girls"), a series of short Youtube animations by DLE Entertainment featuring schoolgirls transforming into vehicles or machines, is now available online, and it stars former AV actress turned mainstream celebrity Sola Aoi as Nana, a girl who can transform into a mighty battleship.



DLE describes Henkei Shoujo as follows:


"Henkei Girls" is a series of CG anime shorts revolving around a world where seemingly ordinary high school girls can “transform” into various vehicles and robots. Each episode focuses on a new girl as they get into various situations, and use their shape-shifting gifts in order to get around every day high school life.



You can view all the shapeshifting mayhem of the previous 3 entries of Henkei Shoujo here.




Official Henkei Shoujo Twitter feed (@henkeigirls)


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