"Yuruyuri" Manga Author Celebrates Sakurako's Birthday with Special Twitter Art

Her own spin-off series "Ohmuroke" is now available on [email protected]

As the fans know, September 7 was the birthday of Sakurako Ohmuro, one of the main characters of Namori's yuri comedy manga series Yuruyuri. To celebrate it, the author posted a special art of her receiving a birthday present from the protagonist Akari Akaza on her official Twitter yesterday.



The manga's official Twitter also celebrated her birthday. You can check the messages from the fans with

the hashtag #大室櫻子聖誕祭 now.




In addition to the Yuruyuri main series that has released 15 tankobon volumes so far, Sakurako has her

own spin-off web manga titled Ohmuroke featuring her and her two sisters, Nadeshiko and Hanako.

It was originally released on Nico Nico Seiga (2012) and Nico Nico Yurihime (2013-2016), and you can

read it now on [email protected]. Currently two tankobon volumes are available.


"Ohmuroke" 1st volume (August 2013), 2nd volume (August 2014)



via: Namori official Twitter


©Namori/Ichijinsha, Nanamori Middle School Amusement Club


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