"Galaxy Express 999" Gets Stage Play Adaptation for Its 40th Anniversary

Ex-Takarazuka director Akiko Kodama (Live Spectacle Naruto) works on the "Galaxy Opera"

As previously teased, the 40th anniversary project site for Leiji Matsumoto's Galaxy Express 999 sci-fi adventure manga series announced today on September 9 that the manga's stage play adaptation titled "Galaxy Express 999 ~Galaxy Opera~" is planned to be performed in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Osaka in summer of 2018.


Matsumoto's original manga started its serialization in Shonen Gahousha's Shonen King in 1977, and its TV anime adaptation produced by Toei Animation started airing in the following year. The story of the stage play is based on the first feature film The Galaxy Express 999 released in August 1979, and the manga author Matsumoto serves as supervisor.


Ex-Takarazuka director Akiko Kodama, who recently worked on the stage play adaptations of two popular shone action manga, Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto (as Live Spectacle Naruto in 2015) and

Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail (2016), serves as director on a script by Fumi Tsubota (Pretty Rhythm

series, Kirakira PreCure a la Mode).


34-year-old singer-songwriter/actor Akinori Nakagawa, well-known for his portray as Olivier Poplin

in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes stage plays (2012-2015), plays the protagonist Tetsuro Hoshino,

and 28-year-old Haruka (the vocalist/guitarist of folk-rock duo Haruka to Miyuki) is cast as the main

heroine Maetel. In addition, 29-year-old popular anime voice actor Miyu Irino (Haku in Spirited Away,

Todomatsu Matsuno in Osomatsu-san) plays Tochiro Oyama, alongside Kaname Ouki (ex-top star of

Star Troupe in Takarazuka Revue) as Queen Emeraldas and Genki Hirakata as Captain Harlock. 



"Stage Play Galaxy Express 999 ~Galaxy Opera~" schedule:

 Tokyo: Meijiza (June 23-30, 2018)

 Fukuoka: Kita Kyushu Art Theater (July 21-22)

 Osaka: Umeda Art Theater: Theater drama City (July 25-29)




Source: "Galaxy Express 999" 40th anniversary project site, Stage Natalie


© Leiji Matsumoto, Toei Animation


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