"Kemono Friends" Original Designer Illustrates Singapore Merlion

Singapore's CharaExpo 2017 is taking place this weekend with Dōbutsu Biscuits

While most Kemono Friends are based on real animals, there are some UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) among their ranks. Tsuchinoko made her appearance in the anime. There's also the likes of the yokai Kamaitachi, the flying rod sky fish of urban legends and the four directional gods (Suzaku, Seiryū,Byakko and Genbu). 


Singapore's CharaExpo 2017 is taking place this weekend with Dōbutsu Biscuits (Serval / CV.Yuka Ozaki, Fennec / CV.Kana Motomiya, Raccoon / CV.Saki Ono) as guests. So, original designer Mine Yoshizak offered this take on Singapore's landmark Merlions.



A Suzuku from over the summer


And, for a real animal, Peacock from this week


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