Clear Your Schedule: "Digimon Linkz" Is Coming to North America and Europe


Digimon fans in the West can finally join the smartphone game craze -- and this time, Android users get a jump on iPhone users.


Digimon Linkz, which was released in Japan last year, now has a preregistration page open on the Google Play store in English. The page displays screencaps and game functions.



Players can engage in 3-on-3 battles, create their own Farmville-style Digispace, and enhance and evolve a wide variety of Digimon from the franchise.


Unfortunately, that means bad news for your evenings, if last year's Digimon Linkz commercials out of Japan are anything to go on.



An iOS release is expected to follow in the future.


>> Preregister for Digimon Linkz on Google Play

>> Watch Digimon on Crunchyroll

Source: koi-nya




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