Children's Short Anime "Lalala Lala-chan" Returns for Third Season

New characters to be introduced.


Japan's own squirrel girl Lala-chan is returning to television next month for a third season of her short anime. Lalala Lala-chan ~Uchuu ni Muchuu~ will see the return of the Molly Fantasy amusement space mascot and her friends, along with a brand new character.



Appearing in the new season are:


Lala-chan (CV Sumire Morohoshi): A happy pink squirrel girl whose trademark are a white flower on her dress and a big fluffy tail. She's cute, quirky, and sometimes a little selfish. Her birthday is March 21.


Io-kun (CV Yuka Terasaki): A cat boy whose trademarks are yellow and blue stripes. A serious, studious type. His birthday is June 22.


Panbit (CV Yuu Kobayashi): He may look like a panda, but he's actually a rabbit. He loves eating, but has a hard time cooking. His birthday is February 3.


Pyu-tan (CV Kaori Mizuhashi): A snail boy. He's small and nervous, but he's doing his best. His birthday is April 18.


Luckle (CV Nao Tamura): A new character for Season 3. A cute alien boy entrusted with the duty of bringing luck from his home of Lucky Star to the whole universe.


Salmiakki (CV Shinya Hamazoe): A new character for Season 3. A newspaper and magazine vendor in Molly Town. He's very kind, but will also take any opportunity at all to try and sell you a newspaper.



Lalala Lala-chan ~Uchuu ni Muchuu~ begins on October 6.


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Source: MoCa-News




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