Check Out "Wake Up, Girls!" New Unit Run Girls, Run!'s Debut Song "Kakeru x Kakeru"

The second main TV series is set to premiere on October 9

Run Girls, Run!, a three-member new unit who will join the upcoming new TV series Wake Up,Girls! Shinsho (New Chapter), held their first solo event "Ichi ni Tsuite Yooi Don! (On your mark, Get set, Go!) vol.1" at LIVE labo YOYOGI in Tokyo yesterday, September 24.


In addition to the cover songs of their older sister unit Wake Up, Girls!, such as "Tachiagare" and "16-Sai no Agape," they performed their debut song "Kakeru x Kakeru (Kakeru Kakeru Kakeru)" in the end of the event (Kakeru means run in Japanese). While its CD release schedule has not been yet announced, a sound-only preview video for the song is now available on Avex Pictures' official YouTube channel.


The song is written by Natsumi Tadano (Wake Up, Girls! unit songs), composed by Satoru Kousaki (Tekken series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), and arranged by Keiichi Hirokawa (MONACA).


"Kakeru x Kakeru" preview


A photo from "Ichi ni Tsuite Yooi Don! vol.1"


The three members: Koko Hayashi (as Ayumi Hayashi), Yuuka Morishima (Otome Morishima) and Nanami

Atsugi (Itsuka Atsugi) were chosen from 2,000 participants in the "avex x 81produce Wake Up, Girls!

AUDITION: The Third Anison Vocal Audition" held in December 2016.


Anime character visual


Photos from the store events in Kyoto on September 17





The second main TV series is set to premiere on TV Tokyo (October 9), Sendai Housou (October 10),

and AT-X (October 11).


PV "The New Chapter Begins"



Source: "Wake up, Girls!" portal site, official Twitter


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