Game Your Way Through Hell in "The Devil's Eight"

Smash Bros.-inspired indie game needs one more push to get made.


New indie game The Devil's Eight looks like it's going to be literally hell to play -- but it seems like that's what they're going for.


Created by Second Step Studios, The Devil's Eight is a fast-paced, music-driven boss rush based on the circles of hell. Each circle has a unique background and boss design, along with a dubstep soundtrack that colors the experience.



The Kickstarter campaign has just under two weeks to go, and needs a boost to make it to full funding. Backers can get music, shirts, copies of the game, and even their name placed in the backgrounds of different Circles of Hell!


Notably, though, we seem to be missing a ninth circle. Can we expect a secret level? Or are the creators sparing us the literal hell of having to deal with a three-faced, Judas-eating Satan trapped in ice? All things considered, that might be for the best.


The Devil's Eight Kickstarter campaign ends on October 12.


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