Fight for Your Dreams in the Latest "Prescription for Sleep"

Norihiko Hibino of "Metal Gear" is back with a new Halloween-themed album to help you sleep.


Norihiko Hibino of the Metal Gear games is back to give you sweet dreams -- this time with famous battle themes from your favorite video games.


Fight for Your Dreams is the latest installment in the Prescription for Sleep series, a collection of albums turning video game themes into calming tunes for rest and relaxation. Hibino has released the collection just in time for Halloween.


Listeners will hear tracks from Final Fantasy XV, UNDERTALE, Mega Man 2, Super Metroid, and more. The final track, titled "In a Better Place," is an original composition created especially for the collection.


Hibino works with pianist AYAKA under the band name GENTLE LOVE.


You can pick it up now from Bandcamp, and sleep easier with the music of your favorite video game battles.


>> Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams

Source: Scarlet Moon Productions




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