Nintendo Files New Game Boy Trademark In Japan, Game Boy Classic/Mini Coming Soon?

Game Boy Classic/Mini could follow current Super Nintendo Classic/Mini release

Game Boy box art


For those of a certain age that grew up with Nintendo consoles along with the NES and Super Nintendo, Nintendo took a big gamble when it released the Game Boy in 1989. The Game Boy, with its large, thick casing and neon green display, was one of the first truly portable gaming consoles, with Nintendo drawing on its previous experience with both the Game & Watch line and the NES to create a portable version of its home console.


Now, a recent trademark filing with visual examples filed in Japan seems to suggest that Nintendo will be looking to continue its marketing exercise of releasing Classic/Mini versions of its iconic consoles with the Game Boy, as seen below.


Game Boy trademark filing

While the trademark filing doesn't necessarily confirm that Nintendo's Game Boy will definitely be the next console to get the Classic/Mini treatment, the timing of the filing coinciding with the launch of the SNES Classic makes it more than a coincidence. Would any of you make the effort to buy a Game Boy Mini/Classic if Nintendo offered one, or does Nintendo's recent behavior with the Classic line put you off? If such a portable was released by Nintendo, what games would you like to see on it?


via Netlab

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