"PriPara" Rings in 2018 with a Joypolis Takeover

The amusement park will host a CG live, themed cafe, shops, and more.


Tokyo Joypolis has been the site of several anime "takeovers," from Evangelion to Sword Art Online. To finish out the year and ring in 2018, the idols of Idol Time PriPara will take over the Sega amusement park with their upcoming event Idol Time PriPara: PriPara Tours in Joypolis.

Starting at the end of this month, visitors to Joypolis will be able to witness a "live" CG concert. Songs announced to be performed during it are "Amazing・Castle," "Sugarless×Friend," and "Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!"

Also for a limited time, the popular Fortune Forest will be modified to include fortune papers fitting the cute aesthetic of the series.

Of course, the shops and cafes will have a PriPara flair during the collaboration. The site has debuted a few of the cute accessories available to buy at Joypolis:



And here are a handful of the treats you'll be able to sample on site:


SoLaMi Smile Red Flash Chahan

Gaarmageddon WalPriPurgis Jet Black Curry

Yui Yumekawa's Yumekawa Waffle Plate

Time Garden's Time Cheesecake

Kashikoma! Blueberry Milk Marble Tapioca

Tickets and photo spots will also be getting a PriPara makeover.


Idol Time PriPara: PriPara Tours in Joypolis runs from November 30 to January 28 at Tokyo Joypolis.


>> PriPara Tours in Joypolis Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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