Lottery of the Lustrous: Minna no Kuji Offers Gem Prizes

Prizes range from postcard sets to a clear Phos tote


Fan lottery site Minna no Kuji is getting gem-toned for its latest giveaway. Starting next month, fans at participating stores in Japan can drop 650 yen per chance to win some adorable Land of the Lustrous goodies. Listed on their site:


Prize A: Clear Pocket Tote Bag

Prize B: Shiro Plushie

Prize C: Clear Pouch

Prize D: Hand Towel

Prize E: Metal Charm

Prize F: Postcard Set

"Last Get" Prize: Shiro Mug

"Double Get" Prize: Ventricosus Plushie

All participants will come away with at least one prize.


The Land of the Lustrous Minna no Kuji will run starting February 10 at select hobby shops in Japan.


>> Land of the Lustrous Minna no Kuji Page

>> Land of the Lustrous Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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