Tatsunoko Pro and CharaBiz Team Up for "Science Ninnya Team Gatchanyan" Project

Collaboration that re-envisions classic hero team as cats will include news character goods and video content


Ninjas may be for the birds, but science ninjas are the cat's pajamas in Science Ninnya Team Gatchanyan, an upcoming mixed media project by Tatsunoko Production and CharaBiz that re-imagines the characters of the classic 1972 - 1974 TV anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman as frisky felines.



Gatchanyan is the first entry in the "Crea-nya Project", in which various creators will re-envision famous anime characters as cats. Science Ninnya Team Gatchanyan will include character goods and video content, and the above key visual with character designs by Naomi Iwata (Pingu in the City) serves as an example of what's to come.


More information about the Science Ninya Team Gatchanyan project will be revealed on April 01, 2018.



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