Osaka Celebrates Birthday of Brawny Brawler "Kinnikuman"

Festivities include an exhibition event at the Gallery of Hakaba WEST and the opening of an official goods store


April 1st is the birthday of Kinnikuman (known as Ultimate Muscle in the United States), a long-running wrestling manga by Yudetamago about a bumbling hero who discovers that he is the heir to the planet Kinniku and who must wrestle to prove his worth, and the city of Osaka is having a "Happy Muscle Birthday" with festivities that include the opening of a new Kinnikuman character goods store at the BIG STEP shopping mall and a Kinnikuman art exhibition at the Gallery of Hakaba WEST venue.



Both the Osaka Kinnikuman KIN29 SHOP and the SOLDIER TEAM OSAKA BASE exhibition will kick off on April 01, 2018, with the art exhibition scheduled to run until April 25, 2018. Additionally, the Gallery of Hakaba WEST venue is hosting a special birthday event on April 01, 2018, which will feature vocalist Akira Kushida as a special guest to perform the Kinnikuman theme song. Photo opportunities and souvenirs are also included as part of the event, which begins at 3:00PM and is free to the public.



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