Kamen Rider Star Shares His Pokémon GO Feels in New CM

Takeru Satoh is back in the game as trading goes live


While many Pokémon GO players have stayed strong since the day they downloaded it, some fell off the AR game over time. According to a new CM, Kamen Rider Den-O and Rurouni Kenshin actor Takeru Satoh is among them... but new developments in the game might bring him back.


The recently instated Pokémon trading capabilities are presented to Satoh, a Team Mystic player who fell off the game at Level 29 as he's "done everything." But the news seems to intrigue him:



Nintendo and Niantic are hoping to win back former players with the new functions, with the long-awaited trading ability at the top of their list of promotions.


The new commercial starts running in Japan tomorrow.


>> Official Pokémon GO Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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