Aoi Sekai no Chushin de

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  • Three Stars (At most 3 1/2)
    Not much for me to say, the story's a bit tacky, but it's interesting, the idea of "Absorbing" is an interesting, I'm sure I've heard of it some where before, but I can't remember exactly, so I'm even gonna bother trying with that part, but the show has potential.
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  • all you need is a ova series that never had a ending
    well i did like the ova series because it had action and it seemed like if it went well then it would become a series which i would really like to see but it never became a series all that happen was that it ended abruptly and it made me very mad i waited almost a year for something for me to find out that it. i find this extremely annoying if you want a series such as this try shamanic princess ...
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