Arpeggio of Blue Steel

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  • 40 out of 45 people found this review helpful:
    And this is why sailors refer to a ship as "She."
    Anyone who remembers the live-action TV show Andromeda (aired 2000-2005) will instantly recognize the premise of a ship with an avatar embodiment/command system. Iona is the avatar of I-401, a submarine of the Fleet of Fog which has defected to the human cause in the naval war between the two sides. Apparently, while only some Fog ships possess avatars, they all possess advanced weapons ...
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  • 11 out of 14 people found this review helpful:
    One Of My Favourite Anime This Fall!
    After you watch the opening scene to Arpeggio of Blue Steel you should be hooked due to its brilliant art style. It looks astonishingly good, and the fluid animation makes it look even better. The story revolves around these warships that take the form of a human beings and are used to fight in a group called "Fleet of Fog". The main character goes rouge with his ship who's character is called ...
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  • A Show You Must Watch
    I Don't really Do Reviews But
    First Off Let Me Just Say, I Loved This I Mean Absolutely Loved It ! Personally it refreshed my view on how it should be done with an anime. The animation on this was just brilliant. So The Soundtrack Is What Personally Hooked Me but what added to it was the storyline of it and whole fog aspect and again all that animation i mean ive seen some more modern shows with ...
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  • Excellent show, hope there is a 2nd season
    I actually created an account here specifically to write this review. I watched this series following a review on Kotaku and was not disappointed. The story is very good although admittedly they could dive a bit deeper in the history of the Fog invasion. I really liked the characters, specially Hyuga and Takao and their relationships with the two main characters.

    All in all a very good anime ...
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  • There Better be a Season 2...
    I understand that television series in general only run for 12 or 13 episodes, but this series after starting the manga it was based off of gave me high hopes...then crushed them into a million little pieces. This series was hastily adapted as another "Cash Cow" anime after the manga seen some success.

    The animation and art style were both pretty good, but fail to make up for the watered down ...
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  • Amazing Show - YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!
    This show gets you hooked from the first episode and just keeps getting better and better as it goes! I really hope they continue the series! The artwork was a little weird to me in the beginning with this need to be 3-dimensional but I soon got used to it and had no other issues with the series. I would not hesitate to recommend this to all my friends!
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  • An overall enjoyable show
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel is an anime that I am lucky to of found. I found this sci-fi war games anime to be something new to me. It wasn't just an attempt to be better than the recycled and modified story lines of a lot of other shows. I would suggest watching it or even giving it a try. A SOLID A.
    -Mikey B
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  • Surprisingly Enjoyed Very Much
    I do not write reviews but for this one I will, it was that good.

    Animation: 5/5
    It's all in cgi, which made all of the battle/action scenes amazing.
    If you do not mind cgi than the animation is amazing. This will vary by opinion, if you can't stand cgi you will have an issue with this show. Even if you do not like cgi this is near the top of cgi shows.

    Soundtrack: 5/5
    Nano! Enough ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Really like 3.5 - Nice enough show with some flaws.
    The verdict: This was a bit above average for a 12-episode timeslot filler. It is not great, certainly not a 5-star (which should be reserved for only high-quality AND highly entertaining shows), but it has some action and some effort in design and is entertaining. Very good for a watch once, but I'm unlikely to buy it. 3.5 stars.

    The good:

    Being a 12 episode series with a lot happening, ...
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  • A very nice story, with interesting twists
    It's a very nice story, with action and "relax" moments well divided into the series. Let's hope for a second season though, because, as usual, there are lots of question mark left unresolved.

    Storia molto carina, che alterna momenti di azione e di relax in modo magistrale. Speriamo che arrivi presto una seconda stagione, perché, come è solito, vengono lasciati aperti moltissimi dubbi.
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