BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate

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    If you like the game you should love this
    I guess if your a fan of the game then you'll like this. The animation and the action are really cool and nice to look at. The only real problem is that if you dont know about the game then you'll probably be really lost when watching this. Which makes the plot the main problem with this. The plot itself is just ok. I dont think I could recommend this to anyone unless they've played and liked the ...
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  • So I'm a Little Biased, But....I Adore This Movie!
    The second I saw Crunchyroll added Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, I knew I had to add a quick review. First off, I say I'm biased because when I was making my CR account, I tried to think of the coolest name possible for myself...I had just seen this movie, so I combined my favorite witch with my favorite food and *Bam!* I got my user name. Aside from that irrelevant story...

    This movie is just ...
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    Truly Amazing! You need to watch this.
    Hands down, this was one of the best written anime movies I've seen in a long time that takes into account actual plot development over the total obscenities of nudity and whatnot found in most new animes. This actually has climactic points and plateauing points that have very good procession. Watch this, you wont go wrong.
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