Beyond the Boundary

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  • Kind of boring, kind of good?
    I've been watching this anime since December, I'm stuck on episode 3! this anime looks really good, I'm just having a hard time getting into it! It looks really cute, and I loved episode 1, I just wish there was some way this anime could catch my attention better, I love the action in it, I love her blood sword, I love most of it, I just think It's a little boring
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  • Great animation. Solid Story.
    This anime was fun and addictive. The characters were entertaining and not too over-the-top. Not your normal cliche at all (which is what gave it that fifth star). Even in extraordinary settings, the characters seemed to act their age. Furthermore, they acted like you would expect super-powered warriors to act as well. It struck a really good balance that you don't always find in anime. The only ...
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  • Beautiful animation and story
    I'm usually attracted to anime with more mature looking characters, so I (foolishly) thought that I wouldn't like this anime.

    Boy, was I wrong. The story is beautiful, and it keeps adding on each other until the audience is finally able to piece together the story. The characters are love-able and provide a nice combination of comedy and seriousness.
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  • Usuniki's Review "Better then you expected to be"
    Kyoukai no Kanata ( Beyond the Boundary )

    My Personal Rating: 8/10

    Story: 7/10
    This show is quick to prove it's not your average high school drama, that most of you expects to be. When you first judge things by the cover or the plot that the descriptions tells you that's what you think things are but is not once you see this series I'm sure you will enjoyed it since it not a average high ...
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  • Beyond expectations and BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION
    So as expected of Kyoto Animation, Beyond the Boundary (or Kyoukai no Kanata) certainly does not let down with its beautiful quality in animation, presenting some of the most fluid and detailed animations when it comes down action sequences in an anime series. I mean seriously, the actions sequences are just simply eye candy but in a really good way.

    I have to be honest, although there are some ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Beautiful Disappointments
    The exquisite animation and beautiful drawing made this series a feast for the eyes.
    Gorgeously executed fight scenes, flying droplets of blood, beautiful skyscapes, and good looking characters, may make you forget all the unanswered questions and huge plot holes. You are left to assume or let go of a lot. And while some of the humor engages, the time spent on it can be off-putting when it could ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Beyond my expectations!
    The first episode was enough to get me hooked! I really enjoyed it and I only wish that there was more of it! I hoped that some of the female characters didn't have such high voices but this bugs me in other shows too so it isn't specific to this one. Great story and dialogue and the animation is fantastic. It is pretty funny as well as light hearted at times as well.
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  • Enjoyable, Deep, Weird, Emotional
    Beyond the Boundary is a weird anime. You start with a lot of questions on your mind and in the end you end with several still there. The characters are very interesting, relatable, and likeable. The story though weird, seems to flow very fluidly. The relationships between the characters adds depth to the anime as well. I do highly recommend this. It's in my top 15 favorites!
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  • An Interesting Series (I was surprised)
    I've had a hard time reviewing this series, but I'll try. No spoiler sweetener; Beyond the Boundary is weird. It looks weird, smells weird, and tasted weird. But under all that oddball coating is a sweet, sweet core. The action scenes are brazen and beautiful. The art style is phenomenal. The story, while a little slow to pick up, is enthralling. Now, I hate the whole 'high school kids' ...
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  • one of my all time favorites!
    When two people are brought together by the hatred received from others, are they cursed or somehow blessed?

    From the very beginning, I knew that I would enjoy this series. The story seemed interesting enough and the art looked amazing. But in the end, that's not why I ended up loving it so much...I fell in love with it because of the characters and their interactions with one another. ...
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