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Beyond the Boundary

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  • One of my all time favorites
    First of all, I love that the heroine has fluffy brown hair, big red glasses, a saggy cardigan, and a BIG HONKIN' BLOOD-RED SWORD. Humor, action, romance -- it's got everything I love in an anime. The characters are sympathetic and you really root for them. I hope Crunchyroll gets the two movies that came out, too, because I'm anxious to see what happens to Akihito and Mirai.
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  • A different kind of Monogatari
    If I had to sum up Beyond the Boundary, it would be "A poor man's Monogatari series". Both have similar starts, they both have characters with distinct quirks, mannerisms and catch phrases. They also both frequently have recurring skits, philosophical discussions on trivial matters and subtle commentaries on society. Unfortunately though, Beyond the Boundary doesn't quite pull everything ...
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  • Weird mashup between action fantasy and Moe
    There were good bits in this show, but it seemed like there were two creators arguing over what direction to go in, and they didn't achieve a good balance with the "Moe" and "Serious Fantasy" elements. Meanwhile, this meant that there wasn't enough time in the series to properly focus on either, so I was left feeling like everything was rushed or at times just random. Such a shame!
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  • Like the last three chapters of a good, and complicated book
    This show is super super pretty. If all action scenes were half this good I would be a happy man.

    But alas, 12 episodes just isn't enough to make this show come together in a story kind of way. It feels like this is the last three for four chapters of a book with a very involved and complicated storyline, or maybe like the last 15 minutes of an action-romantic-comedy.

    This world the ...
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  • Funny, cute, and suspensful
    This anime is really good.
    I like the development between Mirai and Akihito. The plot about the Youmu is pretty interesting too.

    However, some major questions remain unanswered:
    Why is Akihito a half Youmu? We meet his mother who seems like an airhead at first, but she really is hiding a lot of secrets.

    What is the main antagonist's (I think his name was Miroku?) complete intentions? ...
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  • Not a magical girl romance
    Brevity is the measure of wit. This anime does so much in 13 episodes, so much new, so much good character and relationship developement and so much fun and beauty. I mean, high quality animation and sound. Good music and a good twist at the end. Shamalan has nothing on these people (and his recent stuff has sucked more and more) this is a Superb anime
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  • Bittersweet but just right
    To put it simply this anime is bittersweet. It's short but gives you everything you want out a gorgeously drawn artstyle, likable characters, and great moments. This anime is sweet but not too much. I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. 10/10 would recommend easily.
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  • Best anime ever!!!!!
    This is by far my favorite anime. It had everything, action, comedy, cute girls with glasses, and an awesome story. So many things could happen in this universe that I'm surprised it's only 12 episodes. If a movie would come out, I would be sooooooooooo happy. I wish it were longer!
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  • Good anime - for the first 8-10 episodes I believe
    It was really a nice watch - not too interesting for me when I got to the last 2 episodes. I would still recommend it. It has the making of a really good anime except for the ending - feels rushed - too much issues unresolved. I wish it was a better ending then 5 stars would have been justified.

    But just like my other reviews, this is just my personal opinion - people have different tastes and ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Good Characters Meet Awful Pacing
    At the time of this review, BTB is in the process of being rereleased as two movies, one of them a compilation of the series, the other a sequel to follow up on it. It seems, then, that it has acquired a following, perhaps because it comes from Kyoto Animation, but the series itself is, in all honesty, a mess. There are potentially great characters here, almost all of them memorable designs ...
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