Big Windup! 2

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    Mihashi is a blessing
    A continuation of Big Windup!, it continues on with the summer tournament and the development of all the characters, mostly Mihashi. With the win against Tosei still fresh in their minds, they are raring to go. I'm too biased for this show, because I love it, but I guess a new time viewer may think that the show drags out for too long, or that the main character is annoying. It's a nice show to ...
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  • Finally we get to see Part 2
    Thank you, Crunchyroll. I have been waiting for a long time to see the rest of this. I find the characters very likable. Mihashi can be an irritating mass of insecurities, but that's what drives the story. "Big Windup" is enjoyable even for people like me who aren't interested in sports, a good mixture of baseball and interaction among characters.
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  • Blessed please watch
    This show picks me up whenever i feel down
    i love it so much
    The story is well written and the kids in the show feel like they have actual emotions and relationships. Having a Main character who has Major anxiety and seeing him work through it is very nice to see. Instead of an instant fix its everyone helping him get better.
    Every character grows and I love it.
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  • A continuation and a cliffhanger
    Big Windup is a decently strong showing for a sports anime prior to the live ball action sequences found originally in Giant Killing later in Kuroko's Basketball and Haikyu!!.

    While it falls in between Major and Ace of Diamond in terms of baseball storytelling it's much closer to Ace of Diamond thankfully. Depending on your preference for protagonists (weak willed vs obnoxious loudmouths) you ...
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