Black Bullet

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  • 14 out of 18 people found this review helpful:
    Skip this and read the manga
    I recommend anyone who's interested in this series to read the manga. This anime does not do the series justice.
    (Also, I realize Black Bullet started out as a light novel series, but from what I gather the manga itself has some highly worthy filler additions to it, hence why I recommend it over the LN and anime).

    This was my most anticipated anime of the season, and now having watched ...
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  • 71 out of 89 people found this review helpful:
    *sigh* Definitely NOT a rip-off
    I'm still laughing about the review that said this was a rip-off of Attack on Titan. Either that person has the worst observational skills I've ever seen or they were reviewing the wrong anime. Either way, that baseless review really should be deleted.

    Black Bullet looks pretty interesting so far though. Has a possible bad-ass villain and some potential for really awesome fight scenes, so we'll ...
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  • 36 out of 46 people found this review helpful:
    trust me this is not a rip off
    i like how one person says this is a rip off of attack on titan when this light novel started in 2011 lol either way the show shows promise and could have a really cool plot this should be a good one. the main character is likable and the show seems to be a little more dark than it is leading on in the first episode
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  • 25 out of 33 people found this review helpful:
    Lolis will save the world
    Black bullet is pretty well done. Especially for a first episode. They made sure to put in more animation time over the opening and ending credits instead of a full op or ed sequence. This is about a post-apocalyptic world where insect like monsters get killed by special bullets and cute lolis. And our heroes partner may know that she is a loli better than we do. The story is a little intense from ...
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  • Fantastic series, but I was left missing something.
    To be fair, I loved this series a great deal. The story was great, the action was applaudable, and the characters were pretty thick.I see it mirrored with The Irregular at Magic High School, but the difference in the two is quite obvious for me: all-inclusive conclusion at the end. Personally I love a bit of a cliff hanger, even if the story ends for all eternity. Black Bullet didn't really give ...
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  • In depth for Black Bullet; The strongest "gun" in the whole anime history!

    Not underrated or overrated, yet quite popular. While it got enough spotlight as one of the most anticipated anime on the whole season, it didn't receive enough appreciation, while on the same time maybe receive it.

    To explain it, we will break the aspect of this anime into many sections. I will provide the resume of the plot and background without ...
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  • one star short because it was too short
    another anime that came and left to soon. you can't say that there are not much heart here that what drives the story. it about a boy who lives through the first war with the bugs only to come out of stronger and better. he comes to know his partner a curse child as like his own child. through the story the themes of racism and greed are highly put forth as dynmantic themes in the story as well as ...
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  • Enjoyed all the way through
    I actually really enjoyed the whole anime but I have not read manga yet so I am giving this anime a review based on what I watched. I do regret watching the anime before reading the manga because from I what I heard that the manga is more deep and justice similarly like every others manga versus their anime counterpart.
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  • So, SO close and yet...
    Black Bullet was a series I actually genuinely enjoyed watching. I'm not big on loli or any other such type of thing, but this series was actually really enjoyable almost the entire way through, but I'll go further into details with that later on.

    Presentation: 7
    The art direction and the overall animation for the series is very well done. It's fluid and the action sequences are ...
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  • 3 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    HORRIBLE !!! (this is reviewed AFTER i finished it)
    Huge wasted of potential..... Very rushed in the end and had the worst possible ending an anime can get...... DO NOT WATCH..... OR WATCH UNTIL HALFWAY ONLY THEN MOVE TO MANGA ! Bad character development was everywhere. There were a lot of plot holes and a lot of useless characters
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