Clockwork Planet

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  • 41 out of 55 people found this review helpful:
    Great world building entirely wasted.
    From the very first action scene, after the brief intro, I could tell the quality of this anime. Protagonists arrogantly posing in front of a hail of gunfire, without any moves to actually protect themselves, nonchalantly swatting mooks like they don't have a care in the world. And why should they? They've been equipped with titanium-reinforced plot armor! When RyuZU appears shortly thereafter, ...
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  • 14 out of 18 people found this review helpful:
    First Impressions of Clockwork Planet
    Seeing as there are no reviews as of yet, I have decided to give a brief one.

    Clockwork Planet presents it self in some typical shonen ways, and some nontypical ways. It has some elements of ecchi. The taste of action that the viewer is given in the beginning of the anime seems to be about average for a shonen, and in some ways isn't very representative of the rest of the episode which ...
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  • 4 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    This anime is just a waste.
    It's a brilliant idea for world building and has great potential for character development, but the writing is so lazy and poor that the whole show has absolutely nothing os substance to offer. There is very vulgar fan service that does nothing to progress the story and the characters are 1 dimensional and boring. The gears and backgrounds are lovely, but the character animation is actually rather ...
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  • 3 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Could be great, but will have to wait and see...
    A quick overview without any actual spoilers. First, I never read the manga. I'm not a big manga fan and this review is based purely on my perspective from the anime.

    Ep 1: A bit over the top on the ecchi fan service type elements, but with just enough plot elements to make me want continue watching.

    Ep 2: Rounds out the intro and fleshes out the overall initial elements of the plot and ...
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Mediocre garbage watch if your in the business of wasting ur time
    There's an interesting world here but its overshadowed by a mountain of cliches, such as accidentally fondling boobs, accidentally pinning the girl, poor combat choreographing (just shows lines or flashes during combat sequences) Naoto and RyuZu fall in love instantly and for no real reason other than sexual attraction which makes for a very weak and boring relationship (Ryuzu loves naoto cause he ...
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  • 5 out of 9 people found this review helpful:
    Review after episode 1 and 2
    Tastes like cheddar and sour-cream potato chips. Slightly cheesy, mild, but not bad, and somewhat different while being more of the same.

    This show gets points for:
    Interesting concept, the world itself is quite cool.
    Moderately interesting characters, with skills that relate to the somewhat odd world design.

    This show loses points for:
    Crappy overused cliches that have no business being ...
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  • Same old formula moe for every one.
    Visually engaging, terrible story line. Character design is also lackluster uses to many moe resources and the same old story of a none special being but one everybody falls for. Sounds to me of another useless nobody with three goddesses living with him of you catch my drift.
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  • A deranged persons view of how the world should operate.
    If it were possible to give this less than 1 stars I would. The characters and script are so bad it made me cringe. The story is at best implausible even in it's setting. Military weapons and machines that are not only utterly useless against the heroes but also the buildings and the ground? So glad it ended here's to hoping there will be no season 2.
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  • Less used settings with bad story
    The world settings are not the commonly used one, which is interesting. The story might have been great if the main characters were not so shallow. We have geniuses (no spoiler here about the source work) and a proud droid who has a bitter mouth that spits things useless except for showing her personality. The main characters, a long with quite few others, basically control the world for that ...
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  • At least I was able to get through it
    The action was interesting...

    After that, it was hard to like. The characters weren't that interesting, the gears didn't work like gears, and the overarching story didn't really go anywhere. I managed to watch all of the episodes so it wasn't bad, but I only watched it when I was bored and didn't have something better to watch.

    Overall I would give this one a pass, unless you're really ...
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