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Country Princess

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    An outstanding drama! Well worth the hours to watch
    I started this simply because I needed something to waste the time. Little did I know that I would watch not 1 not 2 but all 17 episodes in less than 3 days. For a 2003 drama, this easily could be popular and definitely fits into the story line written today. Of course, I have a bias for Bae Doo Na but I also applaud Kim Yoo Mi's portrayal of the hateful Kum Hee. Her portrayal of a sister willing ...
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  • Quirky & awkward at first, then riveting!
    This show started off making me cringe. Lots of potty type humor (not a big fan) and just some terrible awkward behavior by the main character (Eun-Hee). I turned it off and watched something else, but I was intrigued enough that I went back to it. I did this a couple times until I was hooked. Eun-Hee's character is portrayed as rather homely in the beginning but the actress is pretty cute. I like ...
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