Crunchyroll x Tokyo

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  • Otaku RULE :) Watch IT :)
    This show is soooo Gooood, Shows alot thing's about japan, including conventions, anime, cosplays etc which is sooo epic. Also Dont forget the girls who are always in it are sooo Nice, sweet and helpfull

    P.S +Cute n Sexy So yea Watch IT And FEEL the Heavens :)
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  • 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    Crunchy X Tokyo a different flow...
    I feel this deserves a review since specials like these need more love.

    I really enjoy that CR can bring us these types of shows as it gives a bigger insight into life and the anime industry in Japan.

    These guys are living my dream to be able to live, work and interact with the players that make the anime and atmosphere that I strive to be a part of one day.

    I highly recommend these shows ...
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