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Dandelion Family

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    This is a DramaDramaDrama
    I think that this drama has a lot of good components. I tend to particular about my drama's. I like this one because of all different elements it has. Each sister has a different idea of what a good life is and how that plays out for them. There are components of it that remind me of other drama's I enjoy for example the ill-approving mother, who is like the grandmother in Coffee Prince. The ...
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  • Following a Favorite
    What prompted me to watch this drama was the actor who played the youngest son-in-law (the photographer). We had seen him in the Coffee Prince and just found him adorable. He is again adorable in this series. It is a good, clean family show and it was a pleasure to watch this drama.
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  • Kept me interested pretty well
    I almost pulled an all nighter trying to finish this series because I just wanted to know what happens next!

    I have a love-hate relationship with this drama. I liked the individual stories, but sometimes the drama became overwhelming and just made me angry, even when happy scenes came in.

    Overall, I say it's good because it kept me interested.
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  • I adored this excellent drama!
    This was wonderful! The story lines were all so well written. Though the ending felt a little rushed, it came together almost seamlessly. Each character was played beautifully, though I do wish there would have been time to explore each one a little more in depth. Definitely recommended if you love Korean dramas that center around the struggles of a family!
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  • Dandelion Family is the best
    I loved this family oriented drama. It touched my heart in many parts and it had me at comical moments during parts of the show. Each characters' personality shined in the drama, reflecting much of society developing in these modern times. I love the lighthearted, simple plot of the story. It really teaches me more about cultural inferences in South Korea and adapting to a more advanced, modern ...
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  • 0 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Dandelion Family: Dont bother
    Honestly if you can get past the 3rd episode you have more patience than me. This drama is so cheesy and the overacting runs rampant. So even when bad things happen to the families; I don't care because their reactions are so fake and actually the things that happen aren't really that bad or hard to fix. At least within the first 3 episodes. I would say instead of regretting the time you would've ...
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