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Vexille - Movie on DVD! Comments
  • Art-chan
    This was an OK movie. If I didn't already own it, I would buy it at this price.
  • internetotaku
    saw it at a con; It was actually pretty good
  • Assassinx89
    lol shipping is more than the movie
  • TheyCallMeKorn
    If you don't own this, then this is a good time to grab it. It's good movie, not great or amazing by any means, but good. The type that you'll watch a few times and not be bored by it. The story is fairly straight foward, but well done.
  • snaphappyfma
    Saw this movie via Netflix, it's good. I may get this.
  • 1timmy
    this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. There are a few issues, but not enough to even really worry about. !! If only I didn't already have 3 copies, I could buy it here !!
  • phanAn
    I don't know about you guys but I have two copies of this amazeing film. The story is cohisive, fastpasted, artisticly stunningand stand alone. didn't need a pre-quil or sea-quil.the hell with the cost I got it at full price and never regre
  • falneyfinney
    "All sales are final (that's one reason we can get the deals that we do!)" Are you sure it's not the shipping that's the reason?
  • raven4699
    The cost plus shipping makes it about the same price for the DVD on Amazon.
  • CWiegand
    I really enjoyed it. If you really want to watch it, its on netflix....
  • ShadowlessSin
    I'm one of the unfortunate few who did not like this movie pacing issues being one of the problems.
  • landail
    3.49 + 10.99 shipping... CR really needs to find a new shipping company for international (hell, I'm in Canada) shipping.
  • ncwolfe
    It's a good movie. Very well animated. It gets a little bit slow at times, and the plot really isn't that amazing, but it's a good movie overall. I'd totally buy it if it was the blu-ray, but if you're stuck with DVD, go for it.
  • mochabeast
    I liked this movie quite a bit when it came out (ranked near Appleseed 1 & 2), and I would totally jump on this deal... if it were for the bluray release.
  • angelichuxd
    looks like an interesting movie,and good price too.
  • bobsamurai
    this was a pretty interesting movie