Desperate Motherhood

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    To each mother their own.
    I'm a guy who's watched the whole show despite it being written by women, about women, for women but should be watched by men as well. The show's description describes it well enough.

    All 5 mothers have their own perks and flaws that they try to uphold for their child to get into a prestigious academy. The whole show drives on the desperation to achieve each mothers goal. So many twists and ...
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  • WOW...just WOW this show is AMAZING
    This show is deliciously cheesy, beautiful, sad and infuriating all in one. I watched this entire series in about 1 1/2 days. This show is great and it honestly has the world's most adorable children. This is my first crunchy roll drama and I could not stop watching. Trust me it will suck you in so fast.
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  • Well composed Slice of Life Drama, So drawn in!
    Some of the people here who are just so involved with lovey dovey dramas forget the stemming of drama. This actually helps shed light on the lives of mothers in Japan. The pressures, guilt, struggles all well composed in one series. However it seems dark in some of the characters' lives, it still hold morals for all of us to learn. A well worth it watch for an appreciative, non-shallow audience.
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