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  • Simply amazing and a wonderful memory of my high school experience!
    After sweeping through this anime in less than a week, I have to say I genuinely enjoyed this show. Not only because of its fast-paced, sports anime-feel we love and enjoy but also because of the material they emphasized: QUIZ BOWL!

    Being a former member of my high school quiz bowl team, every moment of this anime was basically a walk down my memories and they were more than accurate. Most of ...
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  • next season please cant wait to watch
    my first review was good character development good storyline could have spent less dialog on certain topics and included more quiz competition's.
    seems to me this is a bit of sports and slice of life theme mixed hope we can enjoy
    another season of anime from these same talented artists and actors
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  • Quiz bowl - is it a sport or...?
    This show was definitely different, I couldn't figure out where to classify this into. I would say a slice of life with some sports aspect. But I definitely felt the main character and another guy was a bit cannon. So maybe a hint of yaoi could occur?

    We got a boy who's not in any clubs but he joins one cause it's "super cool and up his alley". He also isn't good at physical sports. So this was ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Falls flat pretty quickly
    I was kind of excited to watch this, but after 2 episodes I'm already bored. The characters are uninteresting, and for all the scenes that serve to tell you how smart the MC is, he comes off as plainly stupid. And while I have nothing against panty shots, constantly bringing it up to use as gag material over and over again gets old really fast. There's nothing to really cling onto- nothing that ...
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  • Not your average sport
    I'd classify FFF as a sports anime, as it focuses mainly on the protagonist joining a club and starting something competitive, but because it's based on knowledge, it's not for everyone. For someone like me, who enjoys trivia, it was mostly fun to watch.
    The animation is decent and the cast of characters are quite fun, with a lot of the supporting cast getting screen time with the main ...
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  • Interesting "combat", with not so interesting characters
    The show takes a while to get going, where some of the voice actors for once sounds out of place/reading lines off paper. It also adds a bunch of sidekicks without really dwelling into them, and overall manages to bring a group together where you don't really care about most of them. The art is decent but sub-par, and there is no memorable music or OST. However, the premise of the game itself is ...
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  • Underwhelming at best.
    The voice acting is really off and ends up uncomfortable to hear.

    This seems to be heavily inspired by Chihaya Furu, however, the execution is lacking, the characters are shallow and the plot is generic. That being said, the show is interesting enough to watch.

    TLDR : If you haven't watched Chihaya Furu yet, go watch it. This show is regular at best.
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    What genre could this possibly be?
    This series takes many of the tired sports anime tropes and applies them to a trivia based competition. While the series attempts to increase the suspense by revealing the logic behind how characters respond, it lacks that background noise associated with the moods of spectators and the musical rifts that excite the soul. There isn't the cheering or signs to show the support for the competitors. ...
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  • 7O3X1EnticedViewer!!
    This is definitely a niche show, in the already niche market of anime. I can't say all will love it, but for those of you who find the story interesting enough to watch, I'm sure you will. This is my first "sports" anime that I have ever seen. While the idea of "quiz bowl" itself it cool, this show could have become extremely bland if they had focused overly much on the "sport" itself.
    Instead, ...
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  • 2 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    It's a promising anime with HS students that actually resemble real life HS students.
    I don't understand the hate given to this anime so early (5 episodes currently). What exactly are you all expecting 5 episodes in?

    It's a comforting anime, something you watch in a relaxed mood. So far I think it has an interesting premise and it shows promise. It "kind of" reminds me of Chihayafuru, we'll have to wait and see if it lives up. All in all I would recommend this anime to all my ...
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