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  • 17 out of 17 people found this review helpful:
    Exhibition of Fireworks: pretty good
    Story: This is about a woman, Na Ra, (30 years old) who'se boyfriend of 7 years, Seung-woo, proposes to her. And later that same night that same boyfriend (now fiancee) tells him about an affair he has been having. Na Ra, in anger, dumps him on the spot and goes drinking. She accidently leaves her engagement ring in a glass and leaves the table. Minutes later In Jae appears and drinks out ...
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  • 4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Nice show, similar yet different, enjoyable overall
    *************Potential mild spoilers, beware************************************

    It's good, similar plot story to other dramas, however, it is different in that the good guys remain good and the bad guys remain bad throughout, the mother is not totally crazy, and the nice guy gets the nice girl and the jerk doesn't (though it's not really about these dynamics either, that too is ...
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  • Loved this and found it funny and frustrating at the same time
    Let me just say i loved Park Eun-hye in this drama. I could not get over the transition of her character from sweet crybaby in Dae Jang geum or Jewel in the Palace. She changed into the crazy b****, which if anyone has watch Jewel in the Palace knows that 54 episodes of that kind of makes you a bit bias in how characters act. It takes a while for the transition to sink in. I found this drama to be ...
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  • Loved the story befhind this
    too often we see men caught up in the woman that's doing them wrong or leading them down the wrong path. Like most Korean shows, it gives people a change to see how this looks from each side. The main character, caught up in trying to love the woman, can't see what she's doing behind the scene. He only sees the smiles and remnants of the girl he's known as a child.

    Love the ending, both couples ...
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  • 1 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Divertida serie Fireworks que la recomiendo
    En esta serie podemos ver muchas costumbres de los coreanos especialmente los de la clase alta para con sus hijos. Me diverti ya que se desarrolla en un ambiente mas o menos normal y uno puede adelantarse en pensar en lo que va a suceder y la mayoria de las veces no coincidi con la trama. Me gusto porque presenta la realidad que sucede en muchas companias de trabajos.
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