Fist of the North Star: The Movie

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    An anime feature film classic
    A true anime classic. This one of the first anime I saw as a teenager along with Akira, Vampire Hunter D, Project A-Ko and Ninja Scroll.

    For an 80's anime movie it's beautifully animated. The story is a condensed version of the Manga/Anime missing lots of characters and omits some important story elements from the source material. But at the end of the day FOTNS is a crazy martial arts version ...
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  • Even more violent and graphically advanced than the series.
    First, you have to know that this movie is another rendition of the first arc of the series. It takes a few liberties with the original scenario but all in all, it remains quite faithful. It's more graphically advanced and violent than the series, which is good enough a reason to watch it at least once.
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  • Happy childhood memories
    I remember watching this on VHS from Streamline, and it's with enthusiastic nostalgia I give this a five out of five. The movies is a rather abrupt summation of the series, which is adapted from a long running manga. The story focuses on Ken as he searches post apocalypic (every anime was post apocalypic back then) for Julia, his woman, taken by Shin his best friend and the Fist of the South Star. ...
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    THIS is a classic?! I beg to differ.
    FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: THE MOVIE is simply awful. The storyline is lacking in any coherency or nuance, the characters are all mono dimensional and uninteresting, and the presentation is turgid. Taking a 100-episode series and trying to squash it all into a two-hour movie (never a wise decision when adapting any such lengthy source material) may be part of the problem. But the major issue with ...
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