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Posted 9/10/17
Is anyone using BookWalker? I was interested in using it for reading DanMachi, but I was curious if it was worth using or not. Does the app look OK on a iPhone? I think it might be better to use on a tablet, but I don't currently have one.

I've used my iPhone for reading manga from the Crunchyroll app before. It worked fine, but having a larger screen for that would be way better. Does BookWalker do a page view or can you select your font size for reading?

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Posted 9/10/17

They are enticing because of all those discounts and promos. Sometimes the light novel gets released on them first before they hit Amazon or Kobo (usually within a few hours apart). And I will have to mention again all those discounts and promos. Also, they sell light novels, manga, and magazines in Japanese too. Perfect for those who want to study the language.


Horrible Apps. On Android, I can't change the font. I think that's also how it is in the desktop app. On the iPhone it doesn't look okay too.

If you have read books on PDFs and Epubs on your computer before, then I guess it is manageable. Currently, the best way to read light novels (non-physical book route) are the Kindles, be it the paperwhites or the cheap ones. I have owned light novels on the Kindle, the Kobo, and Bookwalker apps. I can safely say that the Kindle and Kobo apps are better.
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