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Post Reply What are the best romance manga out there?
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Posted 12/22/17 , edited 12/22/17
Im surprised no one has mentioned Toradora. its pretty good and maybe not the best in some peoples opinion but CR has the anime and there are alot of feels
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Posted 12/25/17 , edited 12/25/17
Jitsu wa Watashi wa one of my favorite manga of all time so funny and heart felt.
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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/28/17
My favorite so far has been
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Takane to Hana
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Uwasa No Midori-Kun

I always like mature female characters like these, so more recommendations would be highly appreciated. Ever since I've read Hirunaka I've realized that I like it where females go with the right guy even if it isn't their first love. Makes it more realistic because when I watch KDramas or any series they always make the lead try to decide between love interests and they always end up with the first guy even if the second guy is the best. I also love reverse harems. I've read a few but more recommendations would be appreciated.
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Beneath the stars.
Posted 4/2/18 , edited 4/3/18
My experience with romance manga is pretty limited, but I tend to like atypical love stories that aren't just completely cliche.

I thought House of the Sun aka Taiyou no Ie was quite good. I think it won some awards at some point.

I also liked Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. It's a mixed bag of slice of life, romance and comedy following a group of young adults and high school kids who live together in a funky complex.

Otoyomegatari is beautifully drawn and is unusual both in its historical setting and the fact that it follows a variety of couples from different cultures.

I liked Bloom into You for it's look at an atypical love story. It's basically the story of a relationship between a deeply troubled lesbian and an asexual or demi-sexual girl.

Citrus is a pulpy yuri romance.

Scum's Wish is another pulpy romance depicting some of the darker sides of love.
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Posted 4/2/18 , edited 4/2/18
Girl Friends is the best romance mang I have ever read.

Other then that, I sugegst Hana and Hina after school.
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Posted 4/6/18 , edited 4/6/18
Not sure if it fully qualifies as a romance manga, but I really like Koi wa ameagari no you ni (After the Rain).

It's about a 17-year high school girl who works at a chain-restaurant, and fell in love with the 45-year-old restaurant manager. On surface this relationship is rather impossible. But the manager is a decent man, and the story is quite convincing. The underlying story is not entirely a love story. It is more about having a passion in life and living it without regrets. It has ended a month ago. It is a good read. The anime is on Amazon Prime. And the movie version is coming out in May in Japan.
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Posted 24 days ago , edited 23 days ago
my love story and say i love you are good
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Posted 14 days ago , edited 14 days ago
Heroine Shikkaku, Koi Dano Ai Dano and The Country is Saved are awesome romance comedy mangas.

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Posted 10 days ago , edited 9 days ago
Nana to Kaoru is proving to be one of my favorite manga of all time. It deals with some pretty heavy BDSM themes, so its very erotic, but at its core it's a beautifully done romance about two childhood friends overcoming their societal, and self imposed, labels through the fetish and finding the truest form of love in each other. It's sooo damn good.

Prunus Girl is a very sweet and light-hearted non-traditional romance comedy I'd have to recommend as well.
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
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