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20 / F / Sutherlin, Oregon
Posted 11/25/17 , edited one day ago

Burning embers in the pit of my stomach leave scorched holes,
blistering my insides.
Venomous fire claws it's way from my throat,
Choking me on its way out.
Countless screams echo inside my head and heart
As I ooze from every pore-

It can no longer be soothed by a balm of silence!
The words of hate have escaped their quiet prison,
Leaving me with nothing but a cold and empty sorrow.
My heated words as sharp as knives pierce Them as I scream out-

I release it all...
As they cower before that dreadful beast,
With splinters and shards of my hate and disgust for them
Spewing from its mouth in a flood that drowns them in
My Rage.

No regrets here,
Because they deserve more....
The pain I hid for years-
Is finally spilling over.

For the bruises and beating,
The lies and the cheating,


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Posted 12/10/17
I often chase dreams in my sleep
Climbing mountains too steep
Losing doesn't always equate to defeat
I often rinse, wash and repeat
Dreams often out of reach
With a firm resolve, doubts are dissolved
Strengthening goals to vividly evolve
Envisioning dreams to a positive actuality
Opening the path to a successful reality

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24 / M / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 22 days ago , edited 22 days ago
Riddles into the River

You say you want to live forever, watch me throw these riddles into the river, the stream of information, deception, and death, you think you have the book with answers on how to outlive each other, your soul is lost.

Bones decay, worms for one and fire for none, the heart of a coward spills the lies, you were so deceived, oh so evilly so, and the biggest joke is you thought fiction true.

Trance Improvisation

Trance inducing leftover particles fluctuating revitalizing all-encompassing space fuel planet made of atoms sea of dust, left side of the brain encouraging creativity-unleashing unlimited potential

Turning it into the kinetic motion, through science & distribution of thought accelerated movement, picking up in speed and gaining velocity and momentum the strokes painting the canvas the bristles on the brush

Flick coloured paint, trance-inducing state

Thinking and planning the events underway

A Gallant man once thought that was the way

We all know that is fools play

Instead, you are probably lost in a sea of confusion

Right where you will stay, trying to figure out things

Lost in my maze

Valiant improvisation discolored fading the gray the pupils fade away

Spec of dust floating in an endless sea

Unwillingly brought into this life, it is what you make of it

Notice me senpai

Yes, you! ^~^

Oh my, oh no some Scene kids in my city don't like me

How will I live my life now

Oh my goodness oh

Just kidding xo

Interstellar lunar eclipse, at dusk, when the sun departs from the stage

Crossing paths on the way Sun crossing paths with the moon

the attention of some, loathed by a few, hop off the pedestal

Nothing special, who you?

Why did you think that, when you create nothing

Contributing nothing, taking selfies thinking that the world thinks so highly of you,

Oh it's easy to be attractive when you were born that way, easy to dye your hair and get piercings

Oh scene kid, oh like fuck I really care what you think of me

Especially when you don't do any art, you don't write any music, you don't create anything at all

Just standing by your wall taking photos of yourself thinking so highly

Head up in the clouds next to your ego by the stars

Remind me why you think I care what you think again?

I still won't but you thought I would

All good.

In Past Lives

In past, lives I walked the depths of hell,
I'll tell you now the devil knows me well
Not everything is as it seems, deranged & twisted
Riddles deciphering as we speak
The demons I choose to keep
Unleashing them upon this world
To set the evil free

No control over my foes
Movements unreadable
Doom upon the fools
Worship a false prophet
Now praise it

Watch the darkness sweep in
By the night, mystery unfolds
The deck of cards shuffled
Energy restored

Now you are condemned
You sold your soul for a penny and a dime
You are nothing but a waste of time
The devil has your soul
Just another rat, in the race
Another nameless disgrace

Tell me how you will escape death
When you create nothing
God loves me, I share his wealth
You create nothing
Bitch, try & break free

I spread my wings and astrally fly
Across the universe
My higher being
Transcends moral understanding
Higher power with unlimited training

Filth like you, hating on Gods creations
While you have crafted nothing
Lights have gone out, the crowd has departed
The monster you deceived, and the machine you hated
Grinded you to dust, by time you shall be crushed.

Fire RAINS from the Sky

Fire rains down from the sky, night terrors unleashed upon the world, naysayers eaten and torn to pieces, flames descend from the night sky, war has unleashed its terrors, drizzling down a torment of pain, mutilation on its way.

Fire rains down from the sky, this is the end game.

Capitalist philosophy has led to this, the municipal machine has been gearing for this day.

The day to end it all, speaking of the apocalypse, where are the naysayers now,

Machine & the monster has wanted this from the start, could end it for none, waited for Death to depart, and get off his horse, waited for the moment of arrival when there was no turning back.

Dropping from the sky, dark angels of the night.

Gabriel & his holy witness, Judas the Priest, & Alahaheim the false prophet.

Mutations creep from the walls, humans now possessed, like spiders, they mount the ceiling, everything you knew changes in an instant.

Horror is on its way, Death has arrived, and he's taking this night.

Genesis, behold, upon the false king's throne, never to see the day.

Heart of a Coward didn't tell you salvation was lost, long ago.

Instead no they told you where to go.

Witchery, and that's witchcraft, black magic, arcane of the night.

Here's one for you don't tell me how to live my own life, easily can take yours in these scriptures, enjoy it & mutilate you dismember your philosophy, and set you free.

Four Elements that be joined bound, Tiamat the holder of the moon rejoicing,

Typhon the giant snake, awakes from the eternal slumber, creatures awakening.

Gigantor, now the wizard has begun to set them free.

With the blackest tome, to decipher, it took years, to read an ancient script, now he knows it is no longer myth.

Miseries hymn was sung by harpies with demented wings and crooked teeth.

Awake me from this sleep.

Fire rains from the sky.
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27 / M / In a dumpster wit...
Posted 12 days ago
Something something, penis penis, something something, vagina vagina.

That can be poetry.
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24 / M / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 10 days ago

TheKaiserKnight wrote:

Something something, penis penis, something something, vagina vagina.

That can be poetry.

that's pretty deep dude, not gonna lie
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23 / F / Who Knows Anymore
Posted one day ago
Green and Blue

Light and dark become one
To protect all.
The fear of one can kill fun.
Alone you will be blamed.
Take the golden tears away from the flame.
All tangled up in shame.
Together run in outburst
May the hate shine inside your skin.
Let the green and blue in.
Green and blue,
I wish I could be with you.
Green and blue,
The pain inside is eating me alive.
Green and blue,
How are you breathing?
Green and blue,
I am dying.
Green and blue,
Can you travel on the air?
Green and blue,
That is just not fair.
Green and blue,
You break in two.
Green and blue,
My dreams shatter before you.
Green and blue,
Did I really love you?
Did you love me too?
Green and blue.
Did a deer fly upon the sky?
Among the pigs that soar.
Even though they couldn’t see.
Where to the land and sea,
Creatures took flight.
Within the trees
The monkeys laughed.
Green and Blue.
Beneath the waves dolphins spun.
But, could an owl screech in the night.
With no voice to be heard.
With everything gone fear had won.
Green and blue,
The might flew beyond sight.
Creeping behind to hold nothing new.
Green and blue,
I wish you knew.
Green and blue,
How can I tell it’s really you?
Green and blue,
Let the love flow from within.
When all is lost,
And no matter the cost,
I shall gather the scattered dreams.
Like a phoenix rising from the ash,
In the kiln of my soul
I will make what was
Once broken whole.
Green and blue,
Never to be separated.
But never to be true,
Some pieces exist
Inside of the other
Making what was once harmonious
A jangle of sound.
But no matter the tone
I will never be truly alone.
Never alone, in the silence.
The silence of the stillness.
Brushing wings across the sky.
Green and blue.
The screech owl preys upon the land.
Blowing the jagged pieces of
What was and what will be.
Green and blue,
Come bring the light.
Turn everything bright.
To shine and sparkle
Like the waves from
A distant sea.
Green and blue.
Come rise the sun
For the fear hadn’t won.
Green and blue,
Love had prevailed once again.
Changing my guilt into truth.
Green and blue,
Shunning the darkness
Into the abyss.
Never to be combined again.
Green and blue,
I whisper words to you.
Green and blue,
Fading away from nothing inside
Coming forth with new will
To be made real and true.
Green and blue.
Will anything be new?
The grass will still grow,
The snow will still fall.
Green and blue,
Shame has departed.
Hopefully peace is now granted.
Green and blue,
Four days to count now.
The departed will return.
Green and blue.
Where are you?
I will find you.
Green and blue,
She knows no bounds.
Peace has come at last
In her arms I can find rest.
Green and blue,
Coming under to freedom above.
Done now, whole again.
Light devours darkness.
Forever, never to return.
Green and blue
Laughing at what was once
Too painful to contemplate.
Smiling and pure.
Green and blue.
A second, a minute, an hour.
Precious moments all.
When all hope has been
Tossed away and the end
Seems so sure.
Green and blue.
Savior, Mistress, Goddess.
Forever to be true.
Green and blue.
Mother, Spirit, Sprite
Always to be right.
Smiling and serene.
To behold you is a
Wonder and a joy.
Green and blue.
Lioness, Defender, Protector.
Like a lamb I do surrender.
To the grace and beauty
That is you.
Green and blue.
Like golden embers burning
Your love will smite
Those who just might expose you.
From finding the truth,
Green and blue.
I must dash away
Hoping to never see
The lies that have been told.
You try to hold on,
The wounds are too large to repair.
You made this tare,
Green and blue.
Falling down into nothing
Contemplating damnation
The light brings back
All that was lost.
Green and blue.
There is nothing I can do
To satisfy you, any longer.
The hunger died
Like the tide subsiding.
Green and blue.
I knew it was you
You didn’t know me.
Lines blur and love fades
Another day drinking earl grey.
Spontaneous thoughts of you appear
Green and blue
I shoo them away
Only to have them surface,
Once more the lightening strikes
Forcing the light to flee.
Darkness engulfs the land
Green and blue
You are the savoir.
That only devours happiness.
Coming from the south
Ecstatic sounds rejoice
Pondering on pools of tears
Darkness suffers as the light is brought to the surface.
Green and blue
You fear the dawning
A new spirit combines to force the darkness away
Tides of mountain snow, fall
Creating a giant hole in the wall.
A wall of emotions that you can’t seem to muster
Finally let go
Green and blue,
I will never forget you.
You taught me everything I need to know.
Surely hope the water is low.
To swim in high waters can kill the most experienced
Green and blue,
I had the worst of you.
Green and blue,
You’ll see the light of tomorrow’s day.
Be at the bay.
Just wait another day.
Love the next sage.
With all your heart.
Green and blue.
With all my heart.
Green and blue.
I will see you.
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