Why crunchyroll
Posted 2/16/08
crunchyroll has me so anything plus me is like heaven times 10.
3) cuz it has anime
4) has drama
5) has everything you need
6) cuz its just cool like that
Posted 2/16/08
Wrong section . I think this is more suitable in the forum games section .
Reported to be moved ~

7. It`s square .
8. It`s orange ... and green .
9. It reminds me of sushi and TootsieRoll .
10. The forums kill my boredom somewhat .
Posted 2/16/08
This should be in the games section shouldnt it....reported!
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Posted 2/16/08
Yeah...this should be in the Game section I think.
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Posted 2/16/08
11. Reported :D
12. :awsm:
13. I'm bored now, can someone make something happen?
14. Don't just stand there! Do something!
15. Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
16. Fear the men in the white suits!
17. The Reported is for wrong section
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Posted 2/16/08
18.funny mods who lock threads like this
19. unlicensced anime
21.openings and endings to the unlicensed anime
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