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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
Whenever I look up media, I often try to figure out the differences between the individual and the group, between what being a hero is like as compared to being the leader of a group of heroes, with series like Kamen Rider and Sword Art Online representing one main hero, and others like Super Sentai and Log Horizon representing a group of heroes. And now that I know that, in a typical real robot anime, the main-protagonist is often paired up with a super prototype, that I should be able to recognize what the super prototypes and mass-production models represent for me.

For me, super prototypes would represent the individual pilot's perspective. He's fighting on the battlefield, risking life and limb for whatever faction he'd represent, and can only make use of his prototype unit's full capabilities by growing and developing as a pilot, and thus working in-sync with it. The mass-production models, meanwhile, represent the commanding officer's perspective; just as a pilot needs to work in-sync with a super prototype, so too does a CO need to work in-sync with an army of mass-production models in order to make full use of their combined capabilities.

Two examples I can think of who were like this were Kamille Bidan and Bright Noa from Zeta Gundam. Kamille Bidan built the Zeta Gundam and, as the AEUG's ace pilot, had to work in-sync with his own mobile suit in order to make full use of its weapons and capabilities. Compare that to Bright Noa, who commanded the AEUG's flagship, the Argama, and was therefore the commanding officer of the AEUG fleet. As a result, Bright Noa had to work in-sync with not one mobile suit, but rather mass-produced armies of them, in order to ensure their success during the Gryps War, similar to Kamille working in-sync with just that one mobile suit, the Zeta Gundam.

Other examples I can think of are Renton Thurston and Eureka working in-sync with the Nirvash TypeZERO compared to their CO, Holland, working in-sync with the Gekko and its crew; or Sousuke Sagara working in-sync with the Arbalest compared to Tessa working in-sync with the Tuatha de Danaan and its crew; or Kallen and Suzaku working in-sync with the Guren Mk.II and Lancelot, respectively, compared to Lelouch and Schneizel working in-sync with the Black Knights and Britannia's military, respectively.

What are your thoughts on this?
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Posted 9/23/17
Suzaku (prototype) or Leila (commander), too.
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