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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/24/17
Ok I've been thinking for a while now this would make for a fun topic so here goes.

All story plot aside,who with and how would you spend a day with your favorite anime character?

All of your character's personality is intact so feel free to get detailed!
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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/25/17
Not my favorite character (probably near the top of the list), but I'd love to spend the day with Yasaburō Shimogamo from The Eccentric Family. It would be tons of fun (how could it not?) no matter what we did, but I'd probably have him show me around Kyoto.
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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/25/17
A day with Asuka Langley Soryu? Oh boy. I'd tease her a lot, but I'd weasel myself into deep conversations with her, and try to get into her head (as much as she'd hate it and try to cast me aside.) I'd just be a crutch for her to lean on, because lord knows she needs it. As much as she's my "waifu/best girl," I don't look at her sexually tbh, and I wouldn't make moves on her lol. I'd more so act as the big brother to her. Oh, and we can go running around in her Eva & kill some angels yamean? An arcade or something isn't a bad idea, since she's competitive as hell, and that would make for an interesting time.

More or less I just wanna be Asuka's best friend *shrugs*.
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Posted 9/25/17 , edited 9/25/17
I'd love to hang out and cook with the whole gang in Sweetness & Lightning. That would be tons of fun, and although I can hold my own in the kitchen, I'd probably learn a lot.

I'd also like to tell Kouhei to his face that he's a good man, a good father, and I admire him.
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