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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 1/19/18
This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time. It seems like when the anime season is winding down and the next is getting ready to start the release calendar just goes out the window. The devs here know what is coming out but the calendar does not reflect that. Take today for example, 9/24, you knew months ago that Centaur's Life and Knight's and Magic both had an episode today. Yet yesterday the calendar said "schedule coming soon"... WTF

Also, it would be great to see on the front page the lineup for the next season before the next season arrives. You know what shows are locked in to be simulcast and which aren't. Why can't we know? We pay you. We deserve to know ahead of time and not have to dig through forums for fan speculation and rumor.

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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/28/17
I second basically everything here. I would love to be able to see the weekly anime schedule. I don't care what the episode is. I just want to remind myself if a show I'm watching is getting an episode today or tomorrow. I don't need to know the episode title, number or the synopsis. I just want to know what's airing and on what day.

And I'd also love to see a list of what shows are are either confirmed for simulcast or currently in discussion. And I'd like to be able to find out by looking at your site and not somewhere else, like ANN or twitter.
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Posted 9/28/17 , edited 9/28/17
Indeed, I want to see a useful calendar, The calendar is basically only a "This is today's lineup" It isn't at all a calendar. And it's only useful to see if the show you want is on later that same day, totally useless.
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Posted 9/28/17 , edited 9/28/17
Not that this is the perfect solution, but if all you want to see is what show and when, click the radio button for "free" members and it will have a full display for when a show normally appears.

It won't help at the very beginning/ending of each season when shows are in flux, and it won't show you the most current episode, but you will see what time and what day a series is normally aired.
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Posted 10/7/17 , edited 10/7/17
I asked previously and was told they're not able to update ahead for technical reasons.

The calendar is problematic in itself because of this but it makes the front page look like nothing new is coming until after it airs.

While CR does great stuff in general this is one of the "fundamentals" that they're failing on that has me concerned, especially when money is thrown at big conventions and so forth but the small but important details like this aren't able to be taken care of - something that every other service can do.
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
I was just in the calendar to see if there are going to be further episodes for the simulcast: " Elegant Yokai Apartment", since the synopsis does not ever indicate how many episodes are planned for a particular series. . . I imagined that CR wants everyone to log into the site, and at least consult the "Release Calendar". Sometimes, the "Free" option will populate, since those episodes have already been available to "premium" customers. . . But "Coming Soon" or whatever message appears for the Premium Calendar. Premium membership seems to be less and less "Premium" over time. . .Maybe time to lose the "Premium" and go back to "Free" viewing!
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
I agree with what was said previously.

I recently subscriber to CR Premium, because I wanted to see all episodes in one place and support creators in some way (thanks for all the awesome anime series that have been made over the years).

Thus the first thing after setting up my profile and adding my current favourite anime series to the queue I started to look up when they will be coming out next.

Unfortunately, all I found was that in Release Calendar Premium Episodes show only already released anime series, while the Free New Episodes version of it shows anime series that will become available for non-premium users and kinda when they will air next (still need to confirm that though ).

This is very very confusing setup. I would rather see the Premium part of the calendar go completely or at least have an option to say - when pressing on Release Calendar, open up Free New Episodes by default instead of Premium Episodes. Or - move "Free" part to another calendar view.

Just my two cents, from a new user
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/14/18
I was looking at the release calender this morning to see if any of the shows I'm watching would be updated and I saw that there were none. BUT When I looked on later cus I was board I saw that there is a new episode of My Hero Academia!!!!!

If Crunchyrool isn't going to fill in the calender for futer days they could at least heve the calender completly filled for what is going to be showed in the rest of the day.
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