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Posted 9/25/17
I've been noticing in recent years some of my favourite shows are made in Canada

Dragon Booster
and The Deep

Wonderful stuff

I'm an old dude but a huge fan of animation all my life.
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Posted 9/25/17
Can't honestly say I really enjoyed any of those except Dragon Booster, though Stormhawks was fun enough for a little bit.

If you want to check out more Canadian cartoons, you should try Total Drama Island, The Raccoons, CyberSix, ReBoot (though it hasn't aged the greatest), 6teen, Brian Jacques' Redwall (though the book is a lot better), and Fred's Head.

There's also Sausage Party, which was animated in Canada but was an American production. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether that counts or not.
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Posted 9/26/17
I checked out Stormhawks and wasnt crazy for it, but I did like Total Drama Island as a kid. Probably wouldn't like it now, but glad to see there's other good ones I havent checked out. I'mma probably look into some of these!
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