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Posted 9/25/17 , edited 9/25/17
I think this would be a useful resource to have so that fans of more mature content can find what they want on Crunchyroll/know what they can watch on CR in its home video format.

(I consider an uncensored show one that has had a censored version before, so I wouldn't consider stuff like Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, even if it is on the same content level as an uncensored show.)

Ones I know of:

Dragonar Academy
Girls Bravo
High School DxD
Ladies Versus Butlers
Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls
My Wife is the Student Council President (censored and uncensored versions available)
TERRAFORMARS (censored and uncensored versions available)
To Love Ru
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Posted 9/25/17 , edited 4/10/18
"mature content"
The primary audience for most of these is 13 year old boys.

But anyway Kill la Kill
Golden Boy

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Posted 1/2/18 , edited 1/2/18
I tried to see To Love Ru but is CENSORED
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