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Posted 10/2/17
Okay for the most time I use my Crunchyroll account to watch on a desktop and am wondering what experience you have had with desktop viewing on vrv?

I just got a premium account here just a few months ago and see VRV being slapped everywhere or in front me and part me thinks I need to wait for some bugs to be fixed before moving to it cause I like both sub and dub anime (though been watching more sub lately since there no dub).

I like what it has to offer and would go for it but I have few concerns what do I lose and gain by having vrv premium account over Crunchyroll account?

Is it worth switching right now or wait till some bugs get fixed for desktop viewing? Since I do not watch on my phone.

Do you think it will be worth it later on?

Is it good service or should I just stick to Crunchyroll?
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Posted 10/2/17 , edited 11/4/17
I think you should stay here. Personally, I used VRV several months ago and it was okay. They do have a a wider selection to choose from when it comes to watch anime. They also give you several other "stations" which are cheap services to watch also included in the 10.99 monthly price. However, even tho i had premiem crunchyroll at the same time i didn't get my updated episodes on time. For example Boku no hero was on episode 26 at the time, and on crunchyroll the current episode was 32. I'm not sure if this issue has been fixed. So basically from my experience it was nice to use for a few months or in between seasons. I mostly used VRV to watch/rewatch older series or dubs.

I would have to say i'm more pleased with the was crunchy roll preforms. VRV to me was definitely more of a guilty pleasure/ temporary thing i consistently unsubscribe from.
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