Post Reply Were the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers that bland?
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Posted 10/13/17 , edited 10/13/17
I know that Power Rangers is on Netflix so that I could watch it any time I want, but I don't want to deal with some cringe-inducing, pandering bull-crap that butchered and maimed Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger. So instead, I'd like to ask if the Power Rangers themselves were as bland as everyone made them out to be.

So how can the Power Rangers be bland, especially when in their civilian lives outside of fighting monsters in their color-coded spandex uniforms?
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Posted 10/14/17 , edited 10/14/17
the American versions were emo and bland, but I find the dubbed version to be kid friendly and mildly meh compared to the sub/original. after watching the original of course. I actually find it enjoyable with the bright colors and the show itself. I don't see them as bland, they are actually fun and entertainment to me, even the American versions they have brought.
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Posted 2/16/18 , edited 2/17/18
I assume you're just asking about the original MMPR.

MMPR, unlike the successive PR series that followed it (Turbo, Dino Thunder, Mega Force, etc.) was the only one in which they recycled footage from its Japanese counterpart for the action scenes. It was pretty obvious. The action scenes were dubbed post-production and there is an obvious change in quality compared to the other scenes. You can tell filming had been done with the adding of stock footage in mind.

Austin St. John (Jason, now works as a Fire Fighter), Thuy Trang (Trini, actress died in a car accident in 2000) and Walter Jones (Zack, a regular at conventions) leaving due to a contract dispute during the 4th season messed up production until their replacements could be hired and scenes could be shot. In the interim, Saban danced around the fact Austin, Thuy and Walter were gone (since it was never publicly announced at the time in advance) by focusing on the three who renewed (Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson and David Yost). Jason, Zack and Trini were never shown out of costume. In one brief scene in a certain episode in which all six rangers were out of costume, Saban used stand-ins wearing their clothes but did not show their faces (The camera showed their backs) as the stand-ins walked off camera.

After the replacements were hired and added to the storyline, the swap is explained as Jason, Zack and Trini being selected to be Ambassadors of peace and would be leaving Angel Grove. Rocky, Adam and Aisha were their replacments. For the farewell scene, they simply recycled old footage and it was oretty obvious.

MMPR lasted 6 seasons. After Rocky, Adam and Aisha were added the series lasted for 2 more seasons. Kimberly elected not to renew her contact and left at the beginning of the 6th season where she was replaced with Katherine. Katherine's intro is a throwback to Tommy: She was originalliy a pawn of Rita's but becomes Good. In the followup Alien Rangers series, the rangers are turned into kids so Zordon calls in rangers from another planet to stand in for them. The kid-rangers go back in time to recover the Zeo Crystals, which are in the hands of their ancestors.

Billy, who uses an invention to return to normal size returns in Power Rangers Zeo but since there were only 5 Zeo Crystals he supports the other rangers. The other reason is David Yost elected not to renew his contract and left halfway through Zeo. Jason returns as The Gold Ranger for a time. Unlike the first Power Rangers movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie was Canon. If you didn't see it, you had no idea why Blake Young, who is an actual kid is the Blue Turbo Ranger named Justin. He replaces Rocky, who hurts his back in the movie as the Blue Turbo Ranger. He knows martial arts and grows taller because of the Morphing Grid when he transforms (Not actually him, it's a body double. He's regular size in the Command Center).

Jason David Frank, who'd been with the series almost from the beginning leaves halfway through Turbo. He would return for Dino Thunder first as a support and then as a ranger. He makes two cameo appearances--one with Austin--in two separate crossover episodes. The funny thing about his role in Dino Thunder: At the time of its run, he was a "new" character to the target demographic who likely never saw MMPR, Zeo and Turbo. Because of his long tenure in the series and the fact he was a professional martial artist (he even competed in UFC matches), he is considered The Greatest Ranger.

...Sorry for the history lesson no one asked for. I got a bit carried away lol. On that note, JDF and AJJ make a cameo appearance in the new Power Rangers movie.
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