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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
When I watched Gundam Wing as a kid, I was turned off by its mature-rated story and characters. It featured five teenagers with attitude invading Earth rather than defending it, and unlike the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (five teens who also pilot giant robots), they lived up to the "attitude" part in "teens with attitude" by trying to kill each other on a frequent basis.

However, I enjoyed Japanese RPGs, starting with Pokemon and working my way up to Golden Sun and Dot Hack. It's just that it wouldn't be until the 7th generation of consoles arrived, that I got myself into team-objective first-person shooter, so much in fact, that with the rise of internet streaming, I got myself back into mecha anime. And, it was there that I found an overarching pattern within those mecha anime, that with exceptions like Macross, VOTOMS, and Patlabor, the main-protagonist is usually put together with a prototype model that surpass the mass-production models.

So now, I am into mecha anime, especially now that I noticed a common pattern. And, after rewatching Gundam Wing several months ago, the series managed to get even better with time!
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Posted 10/18/17
That's cool, I've been meaning to give mecha a go (outside of Evangelion) but I am so backed up on series, I just can't get around to it.
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