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Do you think your Fat?
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28 / F / Michigan, USA
Posted 2/16/08

elloitzamber wrote:

YO! PPL may HAVE another Forum like this...BUT W.E u fckin opened it

Have a nice day =)

mmmkay...this is a gay forum and so i am u opened it SO READ IT FCKERS!

truely wtf! the ideal weight or body image these days r GAY!
i use to be like that...but this chart shows that i am normal =)

Anyway look at the chart...and see wat ur height is...
then go to your weight and find ur weight...then see where u intersect at =)

18.5 or less: Low BMI (underweight)
18.5 to 24.9: Medium BMI (normal weight)
25 to 29.9: High BMI (overweight)
30 and above: Very-High BMI (obese)

Don't make threads unless you check to see if it's been made before. Forum moderators don't have all day/night to be cleaning up your laziness. I'm not being a bitch, I'm reminding you to be considerate. Thanks.
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