Post Reply This is how to join my family.
Posted 2/16/08
First U HAVE to add Me. Second U add all my family members (optional). Third fill the questions below.

Whats Ur sex???

How old R U???

Why do U want to be apart of my family????

How many friends do U have????

And thats all U have to do!!!!! EASEY RIGHT!!!!!!!

PS: Stay cool!!!!!!!
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23 / F
Posted 2/16/08
im female.
13 years old.
i want to b part of the family b/c i luv pucho-chan!!!
i have 981 buddies. im guessing thats wat u wanted to no. hehe
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Posted 2/16/08
im a man
13 years old
i want to be apart because i like to be in ppls familys(also im a stocker.) (p.s i was just kidding about the stocker thing im actually a really good guy. )
im not so sure how many buddies i have i think its like 60 something or 90 something so its like imbetween that
o and also hi
Posted 2/17/08
I'm a Girl!!

I'm 14 years old

because ur a great friends =] and veryy sweet

i have kinda much buddies, but i just talk a lot with my friends on CR
look look it's you and meee

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25 / F / New York State
Posted 2/17/08
im a

15 years old
cuz ur awesome
100 something
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Posted 3/7/08
I am a girl
Im 17
a cousin
i have 94 buddies! yay!
do u want a picture??

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