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Post Reply Does ethnic scent exist? Do we have a cultural body odor?
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Posted 10/27/17

zefur wrote:

I can't remember where i read it, it was a long time ago but the food you eat affects the your glands (could be wrong) but it what you eat comes out of your skin especially when you sweat. Animal fats, seasonings and spices that you use in your cooking so if you eat a lot of your cultures food the same with other people from the same culture you will smell similar.

Obviously there are other things that can affect your smell like hygiene, body hair, how often you sweat, some illnesses and so on

I heard that people with diabetes smell sweet (I don't remember if it was both types or not).

Not exactly a race, but I figured it might be relevant.
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Posted 10/27/17 , edited 10/27/17
Everyone else has pretty much answered it. No, your race doesn't determine any kind of smell. At least, not biologically. If your race has a tendency to eat and drink milk products however, it will leave that race with a tendency to smell like spoiled milk.

Told to me from a Bangladeshi roommate. White people smell like spoiled milk. This was after I joked that she smelled like curry more than the usual when she came back from work at her families restaurant.

So it's not just the food you eat. It's also the company you keep, which... influences the food you eat.

By the way. Curry, great dish. Curry spice itself however.

Here ya go internet, one of my spice blends. Treat it carefully.

Take equal parts of curry, salt, garlic powder, dill, cumin, cayenne, chili and double the lemon pepper. Crush and mix together in a mortar and pestle until a fine uniform coloured dust.

Enjoy the heat.
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Posted 10/27/17
Yes, to some degree. Race alone, no. Culture? Absolutely. Food, drink, environment, ect... lend specific scents to us. If your culture focuses on agriculture, and you're dairy and crop farmer who utilizes manure on a daily basis.... Well, that stuff is all over and within you, and it'll stick around for a good long while.
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