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Posted 2/16/08
Zetsu ponders that the Genjutsu is over with now that Tsukuyomi was broken; so they'll move to Ninjutsu. He adds that if the left eye possesses the strongest Genjutsu in Tsukuyomi, then the right eye wields the strongest physical attack, Amaterasu. Itachi forms hand seals and Sasuke responds by summoning a giant shuriken. Zetsu is amazed that Sasuke’s speed is faster than Itachi’s hand seals. Sasuke hurls the shuriken with flies at chest level. Itachi ducks but within the floor shadow is another giant shuriken, which Zetsu recognizes as Shadow Shuriken no Jutsu. Itachi jumps to maneuver between the two disks but Sasuke pulls a wire to disconnect the blades of the shuriken, which come flying back towards Itachi. One blade impales Itachi's leg and Zetsu is confused by Itachi's sudden slowness. Itachi removes the blade and watches on in a dim haze. Itachi grabs his left eye and Sasuke recognizes the side effect of Tsukuyomi and considers how the tide of battle is turning in his favor. Zetsu ponders that the battle may have a clear winner but his other half thinks that may not be the case. Sasuke hurls a huge fireball and as Itachi jumps in the air to avoid it, he is met by a Chidori wielding Sasuke. Itachi emits fire as well to launch himself backwards and Sasuke used his wing to deflect the flame. Zetsu ponders that only a little damage is being taken by Sasuke so far. The brothers form seals and launch huge fireballs at each other. The strength of Sasuke's flame begins to push Itachi's back, so the Itachi focuses his right eye. As blood begins to come from it he calls upon Amaterasu and opens his eye. Suddenly a huge, tendril of black flames flies towards Sasuke...

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