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Posted 10/28/17 , edited 10/28/17
So I've been wanting to get Season 1 of Psych Pass on Blu Ray for quite some time now, but I'd ideally like to get the Extended Edition of Season 1. I'm unable to verify if the set that I'm looking at on Amazon contains either the original version of Season 1 or the Extended Edition ( ), which has additional scenes. I've been searching online for more information, but I cannot find anything on the matter. Therefore, would anyone here, especially those who might have bought this Blu Ray copy, know if this contains the extended edition or not?

I know I can buy the extended edition for certain in digital format, but I'd really prefer to have it in hard copy.

I'd deeply appreciate any help with my dilemma here. I'd rather buy hard copy if possible.
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Posted 10/28/17 , edited 10/28/17
Unfortunately, that isn't the extended edition. Funimation owned the rights to the extended edition but then decided to release the original "vanilla" 22 episodes in physical Blu-ray copies. The extended version (extra scenes + improved visuals) actually comes in an 11 episode set (2 ep. combined + extra scenes). Pretty sure they don't currently make physical copies of the extended version.

Personally, I don't think the extended version adds much to the experience (but if your heart is set on it you'll probably have to buy digital). Either way, it is a great edition to any anime collection.

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