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Posted 10/28/17
Hi everyone! This is my first fouirm post. I been a memever for some time I should have done this by now. OK so I just finished JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and I am in love with that show. Is there any show you think can compare to it? If I cant have more JoJo, then I want to watch something that is as creative as that show. Thank you for the help.
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Posted 10/28/17
Cowboy Bepop...maybe..
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Posted 10/29/17
JoJo is tough. I don't know any show that directly rivals its unpredictability and speed. JoJo's my favorite for that reason.

But here are a few I value for similar creativity and unpredictability:

One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academy, World Trigger, Kaiji

Gurenn/Lagann, Gintama (it's a slow start though, and a lot of humor's based on your knowledge of other manga and anime)

No Game No Life, Food Wars Shokugeki no Souma, KonoSuba, Is this a Zombie?, Aho Girl
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Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/29/17
Yu Yu Hakusho

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

My Hero Academia

One Piece (When it gets agonizingly slow read the manga)

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