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Post Reply Does anyone have any genuinely spooky stories or encounters that they'd like to share
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Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/29/17
Have you seen or encountered something that you feel was way out of the ordinary? Maybe a 'glitch in the matrix'? Maybe a kid said something strange that they shouldn't possibly know? (Kids are crazy, they tend to do that sort of stuff )

Or, just straight-forward, what about if you believe your house is haunted? Have you encountered any stranger things around your area?

It doesn't have to be, I guess 'supernatural'... just eery, out of place, maybe goosebumps-inducing...

It's that time of the season, so If anyone has any genuinely spooky stories that'll keep us up at night, please feel free to share.

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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 11/2/17
All right sit back, this is going to be a long one. And please excuse any grammar and spelling errors

Here are some of my experiences as well as those of some of my siblings and other relatives.

This happened to me when I was in my late teens; This happened in the house I grew up in. One time I was very distressed for some reason. I felt like something was lurking somewhere - watching me, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

For some reason I felt the urge to keep the windows closed late at night. There were nights when one of my younger - the fourth born - brothers who was sleeping on one of the top bunks next to one of the windows kept stirring in his sleep.

He looked very distressed and kept on moaning, he tried to reach for the curtains - kept on trying to pry them off. I tried keeping him away, but no matter what he kept on trying to pull them off - like as though some force was driving him to yank them off their railings.

Again, I don't know why; but I felt this nagging feeling behind my head that the curtains needed to be kept closed, as if I knew instinctively that there was something malevolent waiting to peer threw the other side.

Then on that night after 'battling’ with my brother to prevent him from prying the curtains in his sleep. In one go he yanked them off. I scrambled to reset them back on the railing quickly. Before whatever it was showed itself.

After that my brother slept peacefully, I spent much of the night making sure he wouldn't pry them off again.

During that month, when I wasn't home my brothers would tell me stories of when they were alone in the house that they could of sworn they saw me walking through out the hallways in the house. The third born of my brothers said he spotted me 'spinning' around in our bedroom a couple of times making mumbling in a mischievous tone.

He was home sick that day, and if I remembered right he was playing games on the GameCube that we had set up on the TV. After a while he got annoyed and he kept yelling my name for 'me' to stop.

He took a glance at the spinning person, sure enough to him it looked like me - although he realized something was off. This 'thing' that resembled me had pale looking skin. Though 'he' had covered his mouth with his shirt, my younger bro was able to tale he was smiling and made this muffled mechanical laughter underneath as soon as they made eye contact for a split second.

If I remember right it then went into the bathroom, though it took a while to sink in - just when he was about to resume playing it then dawned on him that I was at school the whole time. He rushed to look in the bathroom only to see it unoccupied. It woudn't be until years later that he would tell me this story.

Then later on after, my other siblings would tell me their own accounts of encountering this doppelganger. All at times when they were alone at home - and the same description on how it looked and its behavior.

Sometime later that year, my parents decided to have our bunks disassembled into separate beds. There were times I felt like something was standing next to my bed at night, watching me in my sleep.

One time after having episodes of sleep paralysis I would force my self-awake, one time I reached my arm out for it to grab onto something. I felt grabbing someone's T-shirt. I even felt the warmth of someone's body and I felt their arm on my chest.

From then on, I didn't slept with the lights off for a while, from then on my mental state began to further deteriorate.

One night I had a dream - I was back in the middle school where I used to go, I was in down in the outdoor corridor that connected to all of the buildings where the classrooms were located.

Surrounding me were Mexican men dressed in period clothing, they wore what poor ranchers would wore during the 19th to early 20th century would wear.

They then began to push me around in circles and yelling me in broken English "Your brother's breath!" repeatedly. Until finally I awoke and sat up on my bed. I looked to my left and noticed the fourth born - the same one that pulled the curtains weeks back - looked as though he was struggling to breath.

His neck was exposed, he looked like he was struggling to breath. I shook him until finally he breathed normally. After then he continued to sleep normally and peacefully I then drifted soon after.

It was then on one night I was in great distress - earlier I had drew crosses all over the house and even prayed for protection. - I couldn't sleep at all. Then that's when it happened. I heard 'wailing' sounds coming from behind the window - the same window that my brother had pulled the curtains from.

The only way I could describe it was it sounded like the screams of women in children - as it got closer it then banged hard on the window, the curtains even began to shake. The window was shut and it was warm that night so there was no way it was wind blowing from behind.

I yelled out loud begging my mind for it to stop - and it finally did. Whatever it was it was trying to enter inside the house.

After a couple of nights, I felt something tried to enter my body, I even had a dream of a black demonic dog that resembled a Doberman tried to drag me into our closet but while a a white husky like dog tried to pull me away. It then got into a fight with the black dog thus freeing me from its grasp.

After a while I thought enough was enough, I then started to confront 'it', I would tell it off. Each night I noticed it started to falter, it's influence on me and my fear of it was beginning to wane.

Each night It's presence began to feel 'smaller', as though it was shrinking in size. Until one night, after losing all fear of it - i felt it trying to channel though my body. It kept disrupting my sleep as it tried to enter my head literally.

I then told to buzz off, and go away. After that night it never bothered me again.

I felt relief for the first time in a long time - I no longer felt distressed or felt like something was watching me. Whatever it was - it was finally gone. After my 18th birthday I could sleep with the lights off.

We then moved twice in later years, during those times my encounters with anything else that might have been paranormal were brief and benign.

When we first moved to a current house, we felt like we were being visited by the presence of a little girl. One night when I was alone in the living room I heard her giggle. I never heard from her ever again.

One of my uncles my Mom's kid brother who was only four years older than me told me of a little girl that would appear to new neighbors who moved into the street for the first time. Greeting and welcoming the new comers.

There was one night when the second born was hanging out with some friends in the street by our driveway, as they were conversing - out of nowhere a woman in 'punk' styled clothing and frizzy blond hair with makeup smudged on her face.

She chuckled and greeted them, after a brief conversation she left and disappeared behind a corner near the busier streets across the street from my house. A few of them went to go check, she was gone in flash - there was no way she could have disappeared so quickly.

When I told this story to my uncle he told me about a time during the late 70's that there was a woman who was so drunk and possibly high passed out on curb late at night only to get run over by a car. It happened right by the corner where my brother and his friends last spotted the woman they encountered.

And for this last story, sometime in 2010

For a while: at times when he was alone. My uncle would hear tapping noises coming from my Grandfather's bedroom, both coming from the walls and the floors, whenever he went to check my Grandfather's room he would find nothing.

He and my Grandfather lives in a house behind the main house where one of my other uncles and his family now lives. At first, they had their experiences in the past in the main house but not in the back house until years later.

It would happen every time he was alone such as the times when my Grandfather was away visiting relatives in Mexico- weather he was in his bedroom or the living room. It's a small two bedrooms and two-bathroom house with a small kitchen that interconnected with the living room.

I should note that he keeps reptiles and amphibians as well as his own captive bread crickets and other insects he would use to feed his animals, but other than that nothing that would make the noises as described.

He would tell his story to his older brother but he would quickly explain away his tale as nonsense.

It was then one night when both he and my Grandfather were away for the week he would task him to feed his reptiles and frogs. One night while visiting I decided to help him feed them.

Not long after turning off the lights and closing the door to my kid uncle's bedroom, he heard a loud slam.

Confused, we quickly went back in to investigate to see what may have caused the noise, I noticed one of the lamps used for his rep-terrariums was on the floor. We let it drop again to see if it replicated the same noise but it didn't make the same noise and deduced that that wasn't it.

Whatever it was it sounded more like someone stomped their foot hard on the floor, as though done out of frustration.

After that and long after my uncle and grandfather returned from Mexico, they experienced no further activities.

And with that that concluded my tales. I had further experiences since I was an infant I could go on but that's all I'll put here for now.

With that I bid you a good night and a Happy Halloween.
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
Well, this certainly ran the gamut.

If I were you I would have considered moving. But... it seems whatever's going on it seems to be following you.

Also accounts of doppelgangers are generally creepy. Glad I've never seen one or otherwise we'd have issues :sweatingbullets:

Great stories though. Definitely put me in the Halloween mood
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
Blue House (the first house I lived in):
When I was like 6 my older brother would always get up really early in the morning and watch cartoons. At one point I told him to wake me up so I could watch them too. He said he would but I'd probably get scared. I asked him why, and he told me that when ever he was up early in the morning alone, as he was walking through the house it always sounded like he was being followed, like footsteps behind him. So no early cartoons for me.
I didn't think much of that too much until I was older and we were living in another house and my mom told me that when we were babies, her and my dad were doing laundry in the basement and heard noise coming from above. She said it sounded like all of us kids were up running throughout the house. When they came up to check we were still sleeping.
Every time I was alone in a room in the house it always felt like someone was standing behind me, watching me. My mom said it must have been my guardian angel or grandpa or some one keeping me safe. I asked her then why does it feel so dark and scary. (I still get that feeling sometimes, but nothing like that.)
One weekend I went to my dad's house to stay (mom and dad were divorced years before), and my mom and her bf were staying in what was once my room, and when we returned that Sunday night my mom told us that her bf left early because he couldn't sleep in that room anymore because he kept having nightmares about people hanging in the doorway. Of course after this my little brother didn't want to sleep in the house anymore, so I turned it into a less frightening thing by turning it into a joke of some sort, which made things better for him.
There were surely more things in that house, but being so young I've forgotten many.
On a side note, there was a wall in the basement that was made out of pegboard when my parents bought the house, and one time I looked through the holes with a flashlight and I'm pretty sure there was stuff back there. I couldn't see what it all was, but I thought I saw railroad ties and other things piled up. Kind of want to go back and tear the wall down to find out what it all was.
I've lived in a few other places, all had their moments, some will stay with me forever, like seeing a ufo out the window one night and then running down to the football field the next day to find one of the steel goal posts knocked over and just barely hanging together, or seeing what looked like the outline of a person or thing (think the Predator from the movies when they are invisible/camouflaged) move in the room next to me and the cat sitting beside me looking in the same direction like it was seeing it too. But I've already taken up a ton of space so I'll end it here for now.
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
To 21stCenturyGem:

It's all good now, I never had any encounters with the previous entity that haunted my first house since then. What ever it was it's gone for good. The other specters were unrelated.

Glad it put you in the spooky mood though.


Well if you ever decide to see what's behind the pegboard, approach with caution - what ever it is: once seen, may not be unseen; but hopefully what ever it is is benign.
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
I was trying out pokemon go. walking around my neighborhood racking up KM for my eggs. night had fallen and i look up and I see someone running inhumanly fast and quiet. then that someone started running towards me. i got ready to fight. person then turns runs behind a trailer then disappears.
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
Anyone ever heard of ‘Shadow People’ ?

Whenever I was about 8 years old, right about when the movie ‘Monsters Inc’ came out. I had an encounter with something.. It was late at night and I was with my mom, we had just got back from the grocery store. I remember asking my mother as I was stepping out of the vehicle with groceries in hand ‘mommy, can we go see monsters inc’? She sighed ‘ we’ll see’ (which was usually a No lol) ..I remember as I was walking up the incline to the door of our house seeing this dark shadowy, grim reaper like figure come out of the house and went behind the shed nearby. When I seen it I wasn’t scared for some reason, maybe it was because I was tired. I paused and turned around and told my mom I seen a man in a black cape come out of the house.

I don’t remember seeing it after that but actually very recent I looked up for the first time what I had seen that night. And apparently these things have a name, they’re called ‘Shadow People’ ..I guess they’re similar to the things people see during sleep paralysis..?
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17
Do night terrors/sleep paralysis count?
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 11/1/17
Hm... Well during the summer I was at home alone taking care of the dogs for my parents. I was in the living room watching the TV standing up when all of the sudden I heard this sound that sounded like a light bulb popping. It scared me to death because there was no lightbulb that went out. And the weirdest thing of all was right when that happened I caught a very brief sight of a circular orb off the corner of my right eye, just floating in mid air.

I think it's easily explainable, actually. I think it was just something wrong with me. Something must have gone wrong in the ceiling fan above and that was what made the noise.
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 11/1/17
Hmmm, unfortunately I don't believe in anything supernatural, so no spoopy ghosts or monsters from me, but one time me and the mates were out on the town, late at night, when we walk around a corner and there is this guy with a paper reading PINK taped to his chest in a green overcoat. Just staring at us, not even blinking. It was creepy as fuck, till he started to chuckle, then me and my friends, we were all on the
Cross Country team, ran so fast out of there. Major spoopy, never saw him again.

That's all for me, happy Spoopaween everyone!
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 11/1/17
It was about a year ago, I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I heard
my name whispered into my ear and the feeling was cold. Literally jumped the hell up and I was shaking. Nothing was there but I've never been so scared in my life. It hasn't happened since and I hope it never does!
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 11/1/17
I used to live in this house where each of my family members (6 total including me) experienced something creepy/scary at least twice.

One day, around 6pm my parents and I decided to go to the grocery store and my siblings (older twin brother and older sister) didn't want so they stayed home. It was about 8pm at night and my siblings were all watching tv in the living room when they heard really hard banging on the door. They all got up to help with groceries (since they thought we were home) and once they opened the door, no one was there. Instantly they froze and felt chills; they went to look around the house together but couldn't find no one so they just went back inside. They sat back down to try and watch tv again, that's when the banging started again and this time shorter but more intense. They called my mom freaking out and went to open the door while she was on the line and again no one was there. Once they had barely closed the door (my mom still on the phone) the banging started, again harder but this time longer and that's when we pulled up to the house (we were almost home when they called). We still heard the knocking through the phone but we could also see no ones at the front door, then it just stopped when we turned the car lights off. My siblings were so scared when we came in, they still talk about that moment.

There's this part in the conjuring (for those who've seen it) where the little girl is freaking out bc of a "man behind her door". To me watching that was so surreal because I had the same experience with the "man behind the door". It was almost daily that I would see this "man" my door was always halfway open in the middle of the night even though I'd leave it all the way open at night; since I thought he couldn't fit in such a thin opening. I always knew when he was there because I could see his top hat, all you could really see was the outline of him but for some reason "I knew how he looked". Tall, medium wavy hair, little big, and slightly bent over. Nothing bad ever happened the only things were that everyone in my family had seen him in their rooms at night and described him in the exact same way.. After I had talked with my family about this the man began to twitch at night. One night my sister and I were talking to each other with the lights off and we hadn't noticed him till he took a step towards us and moved his hat up slightly with his head.

There's way more stories but I'm sleepy and I suck at telling them.

Goodnight and happy halloweenie!!
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/1/17
The summer my great aunt had died my mom and uncle asked me to go over to her house and organize some of her stuff. They said I could look through it and take some things for myself as well. I brought my best friend with me (we were both in high school) and we drove over in her old car, an early 2000's Impala, that we were using since she had passed.

We poked around a bit in the kitchen and living room but there really wasn't much of interest, I snatched up an old police scanner for myself, then we went down to check the basement. My friend found a bunch of old cassette tapes and a player in a drawer and we were always curious about everything so we put one in and played it. I didn't know much about it but my great aunts husband had suffered some kind of degenerative brain disease and these tapes were her conversations with him when he was pretty well gone. He was incoherent and at times screaming, it was pretty disturbing.

I was getting uncomfortable and wanted to turn it off when we heard what sounded like all the pots and pans and everything else in the kitchen cabinets above us fall out of their shelves onto the floor. It was very loud and distinctive, I swear I could hear them hitting the floor above us, and my first thought was that my buddy or I hadn't closed one of the cabinets. We both practically ran up the basement stairs to check and when we got to the kitchen it was completely empty and quiet, all the cabinets were closed and there wasn't a single thing on floor. We left pretty much immediately after that.
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/1/17
I've had a few I honestly do not give the slightest shit if you believe me or not so don't quote my post looking for a debate. I just want to share my encounters. This one is my most profound encounter and the one that made me believe in ghosts or demons whatever they truly are, not only did I see a black shadow figure with my own eyes, I also witnessed poltergeist activity and caught a full body apparition on my camera.

The Ancient Ram Inn

Me and my friends went to the most haunted house in the UK back in 2013 in the middle of the day, in broad daylight. The owner John Humphrey's was sat outside the house so we just walked up to him and asked him outright if we could go in. I asked if there was a charge and he just said "Nowp, you're welcome to have a look around and if you don't believe me then I don't care...go right in." he opened the door and me and my friend Jordan were the only ones brave enough to go in, my other two friends waited outside with John. We were 100% the only people there since there was nowhere anybody could hide as we looked around the whole house. I took some photos non stop hoping to get something on camera. We made our way upstairs to the Bishop's room which supposedly, 9 people have been possessed in and one woman was viciously attacked by a demon. We didn't provoke or talk much, we just quietly walked through the home, we made our way to the Witch's room and looked around the cosy looking bedroom, the atmosphere was not cozy however, I was freezing even though it was one of the best summer's we've ever had. Jordan was too chicken to go up into the attic with me so stayed downstairs, and it was a classic British narrow as fuck stone spiral staircase leading up into the attic, you could tell this place was absolutely Ancient (some say its grounds are 10,000 years old) anyway, I sat at the top of the stairs, ready to run if anything attacked me and looked around with my eyes and rotating my body to look behind me. There we taxidermy animals everywhere and I admired them for a moment rather than feeling any fear, all of a sudden I saw a black mass manifest in the centre of the attic floor, I tried recording it but it wouldn't show up on my CoolPix Nikon camera, not only that but I watched my battery drain to nothing and my camera shut off...I wasn't afraid just frustrated that I couldn't get it...I got the fuck out though as it came closer. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and that was drained too saying "unable to use flash battery too low". Jordan's phone and camera were dead too. When we went downstairs, all the lights were off or flickering and a taxidermy crow was going nuts spinning around, objects were vibrating, then the crow just stopped spinning dead and turned slowly to look at us. It was time to get out, so we exited the house and the 90 year old John was calm as a cucumber and asked if we were satisfied. We had a really nice chat with him about his extraordinary life before heading home. John is dead now and since our visit the daughter has turned it into a ridiculous Halloween attraction and charges £60 per tour. John let us look in that place for free...

We got back to my house and charged up, looking through mine and Jordan's photos. Jordan got a few orbs,a weird lighting strike looking, nothing too exciting, until my friend found this one:

This is one of the photo's I captured approx 5 minutes I would say into entering the house before my battery died...I took a mirror selfie in this creepy as fuck mirror, and instead of my reflection this is what was staring back at me.

I think it looks like an ancient archer or a Bishop, since Bishops were murdered in the Medieval times in that house.

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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
I feel like I experience glitches often, but I just shake it off, the world is odd overall.

But, I guess the apartment i used to live in was a little sp00ky, especially when I was alone, something liked to scare me, and it worked. One day I was in my room because I kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye, so I hid in there. It was calm for a while, but then it sounded like a remote control fell in the living room and i was so spooked i couldn't move, but Seinfeld was airing so thank god.
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