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Post Reply Do you like gyarus?
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Posted 10/29/17 , edited 2/26/18
How do you feel about them and why? Would you like to see them appear more in anime? I personally really like gyarus in anime and manga, though I don't have strong opinions of them either way in real life.

Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/30/17
They still exist?
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Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/30/17
Only in anime. In anime, some of em don't use make up. I don't like make up unless you just have hard times caring for your skin. But in a Gal's case, bleh. Make up especially doesn't work when they have already tanned skin.

And at least in anime, you won't get in trouble with them in any way. They're just really horny and will do it anything with a dick. But they won't cause you any drama.
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Posted 10/30/17 , edited 10/30/17
Meh, some of them are cool. And some pull off the style better then others. Really it's just another fashion style, no different then another when it comes right down to it. At the very least they take some pride in their appearance, unlike some people who are utter slobs.
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Posted 11/11/17 , edited 11/12/17
Neutral. Whether in anime or in real life it's just a look
Posted 2/16/18 , edited 2/17/18
They look really happy in the second picture so i'm going to dislike that at any cost. Now how do i proceed to dislike the hell out of all their pictures on social media...
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Posted 2/17/18 , edited 2/18/18
Don't really care about it IRL, but the anime gyaru who feign romantic experience are always cute.
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Posted 2/24/18 , edited 2/25/18
Gyarus can be attractive but like any style it really depends on the individual. I'm partial to the lighter tans without heavy makeup as I prefer more natural looking partners.
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